Monday, February 1, 2016

Just a Little Bit Crazy

Well another week has flown past! Freak!! It's been 13 months since I left! Well, thats just crazy!
It finally snowed!!! Happy freaking days!

Tuesday was interesting! Got to say goodbye to some pals. I always thought people were dumb when they said "oh, I'm getting to the point where I don't know any missionaries any more, all my friends left" then it happened to me. Awkward! Multiple times I wanted to pick up the phone and let people know funny things that happened... and then I'm like... oh :/ never mind, I guess.

Missing friends

Also got to have lunch with my Li'l Sister Park, since she was waiting for her new companion to arrive... We're not doing transfer meetings any more so it was a little different this time round. Different but good!
So that was pretty nice!
Lunch with Sis. Park

This week we had a lesson with a less active sister who is just great! I love her. We would have been friends even if I wasn't a missionary! We planned for her lesson a week earlier, and then when we went to see her. As we shared the message, we only got like 1 scripture of 11 words read... then she told us how the entire week she had felt like Heavenly Father was trying to talk to her, and telling her that things would be ok! She said our message confirmed it. He really was talking to her. Her countenance changed drastically just from that time! It was so awesome to see! So grateful again that Heavenly Father knows His children well enough to direct us to be able to help them!

My companion and I got matching hats this week... so that happened.
Matching hats

Also got hit on A LOT by old people this week... that's awkward. It's not much of a boost for your self esteem when they're like... ancient! And probably going blind! Haha
And I made it a goal not to have my hair just dangling around everyday any more... so I tied it up for District Meeting. Our District Leader told me I looked like a feminist. well.... thanks!!... I'm like the least feminist person in the world hahaha! But it was funny! Our district is pretty great!

This week we also met with a less active member and his non-member wife. Her mother was there too!! A sweet old lady in her 80s. We had such a good discussion with them! It was so great! I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one dragging them to church in the near future! haha I love this area! It's so great!

This week I've been missing my little ninos at home! They're growing so much! Little Steph is better at counting in Spanish than in English. That's impressive! haha Weird how fast they grow when you don't see them.

This morning I got a call from one of the members in my previous ward! It was so awesome to speak to her! She is the Best! Such a good example to me! Then her butt husband (yes, Scott, that's you) took the phone and said hi. Then me and her talked a bit more! It was such a great way to start my day because I was feeling pretty grumpy before that!  I'm so grateful for amazing people around me that keep me sane. I know keeping me sane is rather a large task!! haha
Little bit crazy

So funny story... We were walking back to the apartment after checking our mail, and these two dudes moving stuff ask "Are you the building manager?" and I'm like oohh... no... these badges are because we are missionaries. So he's all like oh yeah we saw the badges and thought maybe. so I said sorry, BUT if you want to learn about Jesus Christ and his restored Gospel, we are your people!! He was like... if I wasn't in the middle of working I would!... so... he's pretty much getting baptised.. hahaha

We also helped the housing coordinators move some stuff in to the apartment next door.. A senior couple is moving in. I'm excited! I bet they're nice. Also... I'm just excited to help move more stuff!! At the beginning of my mission we freaking moved people all the time.. now no one asks cuz we're girls... but like.. we have arms. So yeah. Anyway. Not a feminist! hahaha

I love this gospel!
I'm excited to bring everything that I've learned on my mission into normal life... and my future family... if that exists! Maybe my future family is me, Thor and nothing else... but that'll work too I guess. haha. He's a good companion!
Anyway, I'm trying to not think about going home... because I kind of never want to... but I miss the babies and my dog. Can they just be fedexed to me? Is that a thing?

Today I was studying a talk called "All is Well" by President Uchtdorf!
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Admittedly, because I've had a hard week and was feeling rather pitiful and sorry for myself. I recently had a Priesthood blessing that said "All is well" and I kinda laughed, The Lord must really have a sense of humour because I always say "all is well" when it's clearly not... anyway.. so I read this talk. It was all about the pioneers and how they, if anyone would have had reason to yell from the top of their lungs "all is not well" and yet they didn't just sing this song during their hard times, They freaking wrote it! I'm just saying! Shame on me for being such a whiner this past week

I'm so grateful for people in my life who have carried on despite life sucking at times. Trav, you are my Hero! I love you so much! You were never wishy washy about the Gospel! Even when I was. Even when I wasn't even bothering to go to church. (sorry Mom and Dad.... I don't know if you knew that. Awkward)
Travice, Dad and Christi

And the Saviour! He did everything for me with such love! Even when I screw things up multiple times a day.. sometimes multiple times an hour... He just never gives up on me. What's more, He knew very perfectly about every time I would mess things up... and He still felt all that I felt and chose to suffer for me. And you!

Blows my mind!

I read about the Anti-Nephi-Lehis this week!!  (Book of Mormon Alma chapters 23 and 24) They are so boss! When they buried their weapons of war it wasn't just that they physically buried their weapons... but they spiritually gave all of that up. Everything that was holding them back. I think sometimes I give up bad things and I think.. well I'm so great I gave that up! And then I think I'm even more blessed if I give up stuff that I still want to do... but really I'm more blessed if I give them up AND stop desiring them!!

Earlier this year I had my Mom get rid of a bunch of music and movies  for me before I get home so I don't talk myself into keeping it, and listening to the same crap that made me crazy! The Anti-Nephi Lehis, however were not like that. The didn't ask Ammon to bury their weapons in case they were tempted... they buried them themselves! They're way stronger than me! That's for sure!! And then to add to that... when they were about to be killed they still didn't take up arms!! They kept their covenants! AND THEN!!!! When some of their people were killed, they were sad for their dead but MORE sad for those Lamanites who died without the gospel... They knew that their brethren were safe but that the Lamanites were not... how Christlike is that?! I'd be like.. ah yeah!! Rot in H.....  But they weren't. They were truly sad for them! I wish I could be more like that!

Well... like I said before... sometimes life is crap and sometimes that crap is fertiliser...

Our zone leaders once said in a Zone training meeting "Life will be crappy but we will still be happy"

It's true!! Life gets hard... but daily Gospel living will save your life. It wont take the trials away... but you'll get through it!!

Thanks everyone for being so awesome! I love you all!!

I hope you have a great week! And make good choices!!

BYE!!! :)

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