Monday, March 30, 2015

Celestialy Clean Plonker

Monday we played volleyball for P-day which was great! Played it all day until 6pm when we had a dinner appointment and a lesson. It was one of the Elders in our districts birthday  so we brought him a pie with candles in and a card and a bunch of us sang to him! It was cool!
Pie for Elder Migi's birthday

Tuesday we had zone conference!... Guess what ma!!! GUESS WHAT!!!!!  I... yes me, Christi Leigh Botts got a certificate and chocolate, (the more important part) for celestial cleanliness! That's right... I'm a tidy person now apparently!
Zone conference was great! I learned a lot from it but I kinda wished that we had been out teaching instead... it was like 2 days in a row with minimal appointments. Sad. Nevertheless, it was a great day and I loved it!
Sisters at Zone Conference

Wednesday we had weekly planning for the first few hours of the day and then we filled the day with lessons and service! We had no dinner appointment and so when we went to teach the Winklers, they fed us too. They're such wonderful people!! Seriously!
We taught the kids again! It was good, I love teaching them and seeing them grow. We taught the Law of Chastity though... which is super not fun to teach to kids... but luckily we managed a kid friendly version which went well!  I love those kids!

Thursday started out with the potential to be an amazing day... but then again all days do! We had a day full of appointments and things to day... but then some of those were cancelled, still, it was a good day and we were able to teach many lessons, we again had no dinner so we ended up being cheeky and getting Chinese... mmm. So good!
After dinner it was one of our sister's from the ward's birthday and so we went to have cake with her and see how she was doing. It was a good day! I'm slowly learning that the success of the day is not always measured in how many lessons you taught... but how many people you've helped come closer to Christ regardless of whether you were able to sit down and teach, or not.

Friday we had District meeting to start the day off and then a bunch of us had lunch together. After that we went and stopped by a sister who is not active in the Church. We had a good visit with her out in the sun on her lawn chairs. It was great! She is a lovely woman! Later we headed back to the Winklers to do some service before dinner! With them we watched the new #becausehelives video! I feel like I should feel guilty for not liking this year’s one as much as I liked last year’s one!

Then we biked over and met with another sister and visited with her before heading home... We made it home in 25 minutes... the first time I did that trip it took over an hour!! I'm getting there!

Saturday we started the day by visiting a sister who has been less active for quite a while. She lives in a retirement home, the same one we visited for Paddy's day! It was a great visit and she was so eager to learn and be reminded of the things of the Gospel! We helped her move some things around and organise her paperwork. We ended up going and having lunch with her! It was a great afternoon. She's a lovely lady and very funny. After only 2 visits we really love her!
After we left her we headed over to visit another sister and her husband... as we finally got to the top of the hill that they live on and found the house, we were just in time to say goodbye to them as they headed out for the day! But we were able to bike around and contact the neighbours of another one of the members. He'd asked us to talk to some of them.  After we had done that we went to change so we could go and help a lady move. We had met her while looking for someone else. She was carrying a couch down some stairs and we stopped her and helped, then we found out she was pregnant. She told us she was planning on moving and we gave her our card and told her to call us if she needed help... so Friday we received a call from her and arranged to go help her with 4 other elders.  When we met her boyfriend he recognized Sister Aukuso and I from helping at the Marion House soup kitchen. He is the chef there! Small world eh!! So yeah! That was great!

Before that though... I managed to slice my hand open in a... shall we call it a biking accident? When one hears biking accident once would assume I must have fallen off my bike right?
The offending article


Being the plonker that I am... I managed to fall ON!!! Yes... ON my bike while I wasn't even riding it!!  The handle bar swung around and the wheel knocked my feet out of under me and I fell on my bike and sliced my hand open with some unknown bike part!

In other news I had to fix my bike’s back brakes this week because with all the mud and crap something happened and they stopped working 100%... luckily I'm a genius and stuff and could fix it!

After service we went and watched the Women's Broadcast... it was... honestly, I didn't love it. But there were some really good things in there... somewhere hahaha!!!

One of the sister missionaries that lives in our complex goes home in 2 transfers and found out that she would be training for those two last transfers... so Sister Aukuso and I decided that since neither of the companionships had a dinner appointment on Saturday night, we were going to have a "baby shower" for her!  We had balloons and silly string and pizza... it was good. Sometimes as missionaries you also gotta take care of other missionaries ya know! So we had a good evening eating pizza and planning for our new comer! :)  Exciting stuff!
The 'Baby Shower' to celebrate the new Sister that will be joining them

Sunday started off with Ward Council and the choir!

After that we made our way to the chapel and talked with members before church started.

After church we had an appointment with the Kids again! :) Their home teachers came with too, and they brought their two sons along. It was great! We had a recap of all the things they've been learning, and they remembered them so well. Then we planned our Superbowl game that we're going to have as our final lesson! It went really well... I just love those kids so much!! They're adorable!

We had no dinner appointment...again.... and so we decided to try and see as many people as possible before breaking our fast... We stopped by a less active sister who lives in the same area as the kids. Then we walked about a mile or so and stopped by a man who is also less active but has an 8 year old daughter he wants to have taught and baptized. We got to know them and made plans to go back and teach. We then stopped and talked to a lady who was outside building a cabinet. She was really nice and we had a good talk with her. After that we saw another less active family, we spoke to them a bit before they headed out for dinner, and then on our way home we stopped by one last person and had a good talk with them and made plans to visit again! It was a good day! Although we didn't teach a trillion lessons, we were productive and felt like we really had a good evening before heading home to break our fast with left over pizza!!! Then we attempted to bake cupcakes... the first ones were crap because we didn't have the little paper cups... they came out better this morning though... I have missed baking!

The first batch was a FLOP!!!

Banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! Mmm.... guess what we had for breakfast! hahahaha

Well, this has been my week....  it's been a good one!

The church is true!
If you get nothing else from reading this than to know that the church is true... then so be it!!! 

My prayers are answered on a daily basis! I see Heavenly Father blessing me and those around me constantly!!

If I know nothing else, I know that this church is TRUE!!

Love you all!

Sister Botts.

Monday, March 23, 2015

A Real Live Wire!!!

So last Monday was so so hot!!
Then we spent Tuesday with our heads in the clouds... Literally! There was just this massive cloud all over town for the whole day! We had to ride our bikes in the middle of the day with our lights on! Crazy! We went and visited a sister in a retirement home... didn't even realise it was Paddy's Day until we sat down for lunch there and they started playing Irish music and a man came out dressed as a leprechaun dancing around the gaff! So of course we ate all kinds of green lookin' stuff haha! We also had corned beef and cabbage... which was great!  I love food too much!  As we were sitting eating I heard a lady talking in what sounded like the thickest Dublin accent ever... so I walked over and asked her where she was from.. I was right, Dublin!! When I told her I had been in Cork for 14 years she gave me the biggest hug ever!! She was so happy! We ended up just talking about Irish stuff, and the two other people at the table with her were asking us to say all sorts of things... I'll admit that when I said those things I put on an accent... becasue let's be honest, that's what they wanted to hear! Hahaha but it was fun! I loved it!
Paddy's Day basket from Sis. Knebel

Wednesday... we had exchanges..... my favourite.. NOT.  It wasn't bad. I went with Sister Wheatley but I was kind of freaking out because this time I was staying in my area and I was worried that I wouldn't know what I was doing or where to go... it was fine though! The day went well and I enjoyed it.  It even rained!! It felt so good!
Selfies on the bike

On Thursday our lunch appointment turned into a breakfast one, so we had to leave the house to be at breakfast for 9am. We had waffles... mmmm so good.  They have Chocolate flavoured whipped cream in a can! Cray Cray! So good! After that we had our weekly planning since we couldn't do it on Wednesday because we had exchanges... after that we had dinner with a member before going to the Relief Society activity.

Sunrise over Colorado Springs
We got up an hour early because we had to leave our house by 6:30 to make it to Seminary in time! Yup! We taught Seminary! It was great!  We taught 2 classes back to back in the morning, and then one in the afternoon! I really enjoyed it! Although we taught the same lesson to each class, every one went so differently because of the different types of people in the class! In our first class one girl DREW US! And it's so good! I was like awww.. this is awesome!
But yeah.. LOVED teaching seminary!   Between the Seminary classes we also had District meeting and a picnic with a non member in the 11th ward. She lives just across the road from the chapel. She made fried chicken! Mmm so good!
Then we did some tracting on our way to our dinner appointment! Since it's the start of Spring break they had pizza as something fun for the kids!  After dinner we taught a lesson on the Plan of Salvation using finger puppets... the fingers being our spirits and the puppets being our bodies! That was cool!  And then we went for a walk with the family on their  way to drop us off at home!

We started Saturday off going to help a sister move some stuff before we taught her a lesson... The moving ended up being a bit more work than we thought, and we ended up being there for a while. She needed some cables moved and rewired.... this made me super dooper happy!! I was so happy just chillin' there on the floor with a screwdriver! Who needs a drill for a cement wall when you have ridiculous biceps like mine?.... I kid, I kid... although I didn't need a drill... and I stole a pull up bar from the Elders so maybe some day... hahaha yeah right!!  But after we finished all that we had a lesson with her and her friend.
After that we visited with our recent convert and his wife. We had no dinner appointment so they fed us! They're so great! We really love them... not just because they feed us though! We had a lesson with them and then we had another lesson with a recent convert at the chapel. It was good! And then home!! Zzzzz

Sunday... Quiet day. but a good day.
We went to choir as usual, and then stopped by some less active members on our list before heading off to church. After church we went straight to a member's house, the Knebels... they're pretty awesome!  They have a son serving a mission and so, as a way to invite non members to meet the missionaries in their home, they had a "Pies and Ties" night where there were lots of pies to eat and everyone brought a tie to send to their son. We got to talk to 4 of their neighbours which was nice. Also... pie is nice.  Always!
So that was our Sunday!

Then... so far today....
We woke up at 5 am and went for a hike in one of the mountains... it was so beautiful! I could have stayed there all day if it wasn't for needing to be back in time for morning studies!! It was so beautiful! It reminded me of being in South Africa!!!  LOVE IT!!
High on the Mountain Top - Literally

Because 7200ft on top of a mountain isn't quite high enough!!

And that, thus far, has been my week.

Something I learned this week... if you're gonna ask Heavenly Father for help with something.... you better be prepared for that help.

Something I haven't told people is how terrified I am of praying in public. TERRIFIED!!!!! So I finally asked Him to help me with this.... Then I get asked to pray in District meeting, then on our way somewhere else I get a text from the Zone leaders asking me to pray in Zone conference... AAAH! Then at church one of the Bishopric comes up to me and asks me to say the closing prayer in sacrament meeting...   I just had to laugh... I was horrified haha... so Zone conference tomorrow...

So yes... if you ask for help... be ready!! Hahahaha

Well.... that's it for now I guess!


Make good choices and all that jazz!

Love Sister Botts

Monday, March 16, 2015

Flying High!!!

So... after emailing last Monday we were super Dorky and played Pathfinder with some members from the 15th ward.... it's like Dungeons and Dragons... and it wasn't terrible. It was kinda fun.  Dorky, but fun!

Tuesday... well Tuesday was somewhat of a fail for missionary work. I had to have a root canal and thought that dentist at 7:30 and our first appointment of the day at 10:30 would be fine... and I'm sure I could totally have handled it if I needed to, but our appointment cancelled, and my companion thought I looked and seemed high after the root canal so she sent me to sleep before our 1 pm appointment... I did feel kinda weird... maybe cuz someone just drilled halfway up my face haha!! So I woke up and was ready to go out for our next appointment when we got a call and she had to cancel... so we were gonna go out and see some people, but when we started biking the cold was killing my stupid face... so we stayed in and cleaned our apartment for inspections the next day, and then we went to our dinner appointment.   It was a weird day.  I'm so not used to relaxing any more. I just wanna work!

Wednesday! We had a day full of appointments again! Woohoo! Work! We spent the day teaching and then did some service for a friend of a member. I installed fire alarms in the rest of her house... it's not exactly hard. Drill hole, insert batteries, test. But let's pretend I'm a hero and I saved an old lady's life, okay?
She made us the most amazing food! It was like eating at a Chinese restaurant!  So good!

Yummy home cooked Chinese

Thursday my companion went to the temple with a group of missionaries who had all reached their half way mark. So while they were in Denver, I was on exchanges with the Sisters from the 6th ward. It was cool... but kinda weird not knowing where I was hahaha. Also being in a car makes it so easy to forget stuff... At one stage I got out and we went tracting and I realised I didn't even have my bag... what am I even doing with my life?   So that's already 2 days where there were no  missionary lessons in our ward... sad!

Friday. we had District Meeting and more lessons! We managed to still teach as many lessons this week as we do usually in a full week, even though we had 2 days where we didn't teach. So we worked our butts off a bit this week.  Not literally though... I wish!

Saturday we started off with a way early appointment but it was nice, sunny and warm. Then we went to the Primary Easter activity and the kids were writing letters to missionaries from the ward so we were talking to them about all the things we do and how much we love getting letters... Hint Hint! ... After that we had a whole load more appointments... like I said, we had some catching up to do! We were then really early for our dinner appointment and so decided to go and walk on a bit of the trail near their house and see if we could talk to anyone who was out enjoying the sun.  There was no one walking anymore. Then this one man walks past with his dog. We say hi. He says hi. We ask how his day is going. He says good.  Then he says "so you're LDS?' So we're like... yes we are. He asked what ward we're from... which is generally a good indicator that someone is either a member  or good friends with a member.  He turned out to be a less active member from our ward who hadn't been contacted in aaaaaaaages! He was really nice and talked to us for a while. His dog was so cute!  We got his number and he asked if we could all have dinner. Schweet!! How perfect that we were early and decided to take a walk on that trail!!

After dinner we were picked up by one of the sisters who is a recent convert . She's so great and we love her. We went to Sonic to get milkshakes. I decided if I'm buying us milkshakes then they weren't gonna be crappy small ones... so I go large.

Big mistake!

Those things are flippin' huge!!! I hadn't even finished a quarter of it by the time our hour of teaching was up and we had to head home!!  Crazy!! So big!! But they were half price after 8 so it's totally
Go Large or Go Home

Sunday!  So sunny!! We managed to fit in our Ward Council and choir and a visit to a newly moved in member all before church started!! It feels so good to be productive!!  After Church we had another lesson with those kids I keep talking about lol! It was slightly scattered but all good. Then we had dinner with a couple who are about to leave to serve their mission in Palmyra, New York!!  They made me homesick for South Africa because they had a big picture of a Lilac Breasted Roller in the kitchen. And when I named it they were like WHAT?! You're the only person to ever walk in here and know what that is. Then they showed me their book of pictures from seeing South Africa and being in the Kruger Park. And the fact that where their house is looks just like it could be in the Park didn't help haha! After dinner we finished the night off visiting the Winklers, our mission parents!  They're amazing!

And now we're here!! About 7 hours later than usual but the day was so nice we couldn't waste it! We spent the morning in the Air Force Academy!

Air Force Academy

It's pretty awesome! Some members from the 11th ward took 8 of us missionaries there and then bought us lunch!! Such kind people! They're about to go to South Africa and the Kruger Park! JEALOUS!

ALSO... we've been told that in May there is a Mission Conference and there will be one of the Apostles here... but they don't know who yet. Gaah. Suspense!!!  My money's on L. Tom Perry... and by money I mean not money. Obviously.  But that's pretty exciting! It's funny because other people are wishing for certain ones that they're never seen yet... I think it's hilarious! It's like pokemon... Gotta catch 'em all or something!! I'm wondering if anyone's gonna be disappointed when he walks in and it's someone they've already met and it's so sad for them because they already have a picture with that apostle on their wall... ah. People are funny. I laugh.
Chapel at the Air Force Academy

It's been a beautiful sunny week!!  I love it here and kind of never want to come home... sorry hahaha!

Email me for heaven's sake!!!

Have a good week! Byee!! :)

Love sister Botts

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Root Canal of All Evil

Another week gone... what?!  This is crazy!
So this week was rather eventful!  We decided to do some tracting on Tuesday before one of our appointments. We knocked about 6 doors and then we came to one door that had a note on it about how the people living there were trying to get their dog to stop barking and sorry for the noise... We almost walked past it but I decided, Let's knock it! So we knocked. Out came this guy, 21 years old who was just so super appreciative of us coming by. We talked a lot about Heavenly Father and Jesus. There were a lot of things that we agreed on and then a lot of differences too, but it was a really enjoyable talk. His wife was at work so we didn't get to talk to her but we had a really good talk. We were there standing outside for almost an hour! It was super!!

Wednesday. Man!!! Wednesday was busy!  It had just snowed again on Tuesday night and so we had to walk for the day. We had an early appointment and a 1 hr walk to get there so we studied and left asap!  We managed to have 5 set appointments that day! It was so nice to be too busy to do anything but teach!! Loved it! We taught some really great people!
So... Thursday was eventful! I had some teeth issues that needed taking care of and so I had a dentist appointment for 7am! Luckily the sisters who live in our complex said they'd give us a ride!   On the way there we got in to a wee car accident! All was good. Just a little damage to the other car. We weren't going fast, just slid on the ice when we braked... so that delayed the appointment at the dentist a bit! Luckily they still took me and took care of my filling that had come out... only to realise that the pain wasn't actually coming from a missing filling but from the tooth next to it... The dentist that originally fixed that tooth drilled too deep and went into the nerve... so happy birthday to me.. I need a root canal. So that's on tomorrow's agenda! Greeeat! Kill me now!!

So... then I get home... I get out of the car and hear these men's voices singing "happy birthday" My first thought is... "aww cute... someone else has a birthday too" only to turn around and head up to the apartment and see two missionaries, our district leader and his companion, standing with a massive plate of Pumpkin cookies (because I LOVE anything Pumpkin related) and a card singing to me... that's not all... as they're singing they're filming it... and here's me, picture it now! Walking up the stairs half smiling... I say "half" because the other side of my face was numb and limp!!! and I'm like.. awww guys! You're so sweet but you have to stop filming! Look at my face! It's awful!  Please don't film my face. Hahaha  yes. It was great! I was so grateful, it was so sweet but my face was... well... I looked terrible!

Cookies and card from the Elders

After that we got ready to go visit the the man we recently baptised and his wife. We love them so much!  They ended up taking us for Chinese because it was my birthday! Then when we got home they had a cake for me!! And gifts! It was so nice and sweet!
Birthday Cake #1

We spent some time there before our next appointment. One of the sisters of the ward was coming to pick us up from there. She took us to Chinese too... and there were like a butt load of members from our ward there... and balloons and gifts and a cake!.. It was crazy. No one's ever made such a big deal out of my birthday. It was so sweet! I really enjoyed it!
Birthday Cake #2

Then we went and visited a sister who had recently had surgery! We sat with her and talked until it was time for our dinner appointment so we headed off to that. One of the sisters made a roast dinner because it was my birthday... and then another recently baptised sister was there too and made an awesome cake too!! 3 BIRTHDAY CAKES!!!!
Birthday Cake #3
It was awesome! And then it was the end of the day. Crazy!

Friday we had a zone meeting. That was cool... until people sang happy birthday again... Mortified!!
After zone meeting we went and helped a sister with her curtains and taught some lessons.  Seemed like a quiet day compared to the previous days!

Saturday we had a training conference call... so you know how I hate talking on the phone... of course I loved this.


All the missionaries who came out with me and their companions had to do like a conference call with the APs and the Mission president. I still hate talking on the phone...
but we found out that in May we will be having a mission conference and one of the 12 apostles is gonna be there... so that's pretty cool right?!

After that finished we had a day full of appointments again! We went and helped a sister move some things in her home and then taught a lesson, then we went and had lunch. After lunch we went and helped another sister move some furniture around in her home,  had a lesson and then had dinner with our recently baptised sister and headed home just in time!

I am mad at daylight savings time... because it may save daylight but it wastes sleep!  We had one less hour of sleep and we felt it hahaha!! But it was ok! We still managed to go to choir practice and then go and visit a less active member and the got to church at 1 and finish at 4, have a lesson at 4:30 and a dinner appointment at 6... so we kept ourselves busy and alive. Our dinner appointment was with a couple who've recently moved into the ward. They're really nice. We like them. They're probably about our age, which is cool.

Aaaaaand that... has been my week so far! I shall talk to you all again next week if I don't die from my root canal tomorrow.

Is that possible?

Could I die from that??

Goodbye cruel world!

Sister Botts.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Because I have been given much, I too must give.

#I'm getting old

So Tuesday started a lot earlier than normal Tuesdays.... 3am to be exact!  In our apartment complex there are 3 other sets of missionaries besides us. 2 sets of Elders and 1 set of Sisters... so about 3 am..
Sister Aukuso, my companion, turns over and looks at the phone, she sees that there is a missed call from the other sisters and decides that it's probably important so we should message them and check what's up.  Turns out their building's fire alarm was going off and the fire brigade was there and all, and they ended up sleeping in their car... so we gathered up some blankets and pillows and they slept for the rest of the time in the lounge.  I say "slept" I mean just lay there... none of us really got back to sleep after that but we tried. Finally our alarm went off at 6:30... we may or may not have re-set it to go off at 7 so we could sleep a little more.
In the car

Then after we were ready and about to study, we find that the other sisters, who have now gone back to their apartment, have no water... so they returned to shower in what was left of our warm water.
So Tuesday was a really weird day. We were slightly dazed and barely awake when we weren't kept busy teaching. We went to Institute that night with one of our recent converts so that she could see where the building was because Institute isn't held in our church building. It was a good class. I got a lot out of it. Maybe nothing that was actually said in the class but thoughts that I had myself and was able to find answers to.

Wednesday morning we went to a place called "Marion House" which is a soup kitchen.  We were placed at the part where the people would bring us their plates and scrape out any left overs in to the bin, and then we'd rinse all their dishes and send them through the window into the Kitchen. It was such an awesome experience. The people we met and spoke to were so kind and some were so happy! There was one man, he said his name was Phoenix, He had a necklace on that had a lot of shells. Sister Aukuso is Samoan and liked his necklace, so she told him.  He thanked her and went on his way.   About 15 minutes later Phoenix returned, shells in hand, and told her that he wanted her to have them. She tried declining, feeling bad, but he insisted that he wanted her to have them and to "remember Phoenix". What a sweet man!  There he is, in a soup kitchen with nothing much to his name but some clothes and a necklace, and yet he was so willing to share what he had with her!.... I wish we could all be like that especially since most of us have far more than he did and yet are far less willing to share.
We were there for just over 3 hours but it almost didn't seem like enough time!!  It was great to be able to see all those people and be the last ones to tell them to have a nice day or to talk with them before they left! A man named Tony Walker insisted that he would write us a song and if we ever saw him again we should remind him to sing it for us. So many happy, joyful people who were just happy with what they had, and were so grateful for our service.

I think I came away a lot more grateful than them that day.

Thursday was a slow day... in fact a lot of last week was... it's hard to make a lot of appointments when we have to walk everywhere through the snow, but we get it done! :) We taught another lesson to the kids that we had been teaching using football terms! It went well.  They are understanding, and growing from it.

Friday we had District meeting. Sister Aukuso and I taught it and so we had to be there early to set up the activity.  It was fun. I think it went well.  Afterwards we went and had pizza for lunch. Mmmm   food! After that we went to visit a family that we had been speaking with who were about to move away. We went to see if there was anything we could help them with, as well as to say goodbye to them. They aren't LDS but they have great faith and are members of a different church. They are good people and we enjoyed visiting with them.

Saturday after our studies we went to have lunch with the other sisters who live in our complex. We went to this noodle place where you pay like $8 for a bowl of noodles with either chicken or beef or whatever. I had beef. I swear... the biggest bowl my eyes ever rested upon.  I probably ate only a 3rd of it... if that, before I was full. I made sure to eat all the grilled beef out of it though... I'm cheap like that!!
With Sis Aukuso (R) and her trainer (L)

After lunch my companion and I and some elders went to teach a member who is returning to church after a very long time. We had a good lesson with him. He's a good guy. He has 2 kids who are super cute but they're with their mom sometimes so we don't always see them.

On Sunday he got up and shared his testimony. It was so great. We didn't expect that. And then some members invited him to dinner at their home after church with his kids. I was so happy. It's so nice when other people reach out and don't leave it up to the missionaries. Because as much as we love the people we teach... we leave, and it's the members job to be their friends! Seriously!   I've been saying this a lot here, and I said it in my talk a few weeks ago...  people think their job, as a ward, is to help the missionaries with their work... Wrong! It's the missionaries' job to help the members with their missionary work!
Playing cribbage

Sunday we had a couple lessons and then went to a fireside for new members and returning members... it was... interesting hahaha! Nah it was good! So were the cookies!  

We have been off our bikes for almost 2 weeks now with the snow... so we decided to just bike through the ice on Saturday... I thought I hated biking until I got back on my bike and realised that I had missed it!

Also... Biking on the ice is the most fun a missionary can have without breaking the rules!! So fun!! I almost fell on my butt a few times, but the fun of it all is trying NOT to fall hahaha!!
Still no package!!!!!!!


This Church is true!! Seriously!

I know it!

Bye for now!!

Sister Botts