Monday, January 25, 2016

The Gospel Changes Lives

This week flew by faster than the last!

We have had a really great week! Better than any of our other weeks this transfer!! Woohoo!! We taught many, many lessons and went on exchanges this week too! They have changed the way we do exchanges now so both of us split with sisters but we stay in their areas... So we lose a day of teaching in our area which sucks... but... we still had a great week and taught more than we have in this area before! So that's really great!

We got to watch a 2 hr training broadcast for Missionaries. It was pretty great! I was expecting some big weird announcement.... maybe that they were extending sisters' missions to 24 months... that'd be nice eh? hahah But it was all the basics. It was a good reminder of the things that we should already be doing, but maybe we aren't.

The work in our area has definitely been progressing so that's great! We've been able to see people take big, scary steps to return to the Gospel that, without inspired and personalised invitations, they probably would not have taken. I'm so grateful that the Lord knows all things about these people and tells me what I need to know to help them. He really could do this all without me.... and way better than I ever could so I'm grateful that He is willing to put his faith in me to do this work.

This week marked 6 months until I go home. I always have weird dreams about going home... Like my parents sending a taxi to the airport, and making me pay for it myself too..  Or that I cry every time I see other missionaries... which would be pretty pathetic right? hahaha Anyway... I'm not ready yet!! Maybe in 6 months I will be. But probably not. Then again, I wasn't ready to be here when I got here... so sometimes you just become ready by doing it . Can I get a trainer for the first 12 weeks of home life too? Is that a thing? It should be!

I'm willing to admit now, that I've been pretty sick for the last 2 weeks... I'm one of those annoying people who has to take naps at the randomest times of the day because I just need a nap ... But this week has been easier to just push through! So that's good. It'll all be figured out eventually so no big deal. As long as I can still be out and teaching then I'm pretty happy with life so all is well!

I can't believe I've already been training for one transfer! It seemed to drag along but now that it's over I'm like holy cow!! Crazy! It's crazy how well you can get to know people in such a short space of time when you are having spiritual experiences with them. Gah... I just never want to not be a missionary! Can I just not leave.... can someone please make that happen....

Yeah, yeah I know I need to get a real life but I actually don't want to, because that's scary... so I think I shall stick to this while I can, thank you!

I love this work. I love this gospel. I love the change that it brings and the visible difference in people once they accept the gospel and start to live by it's precepts. It's just wonderful!! I love it!!

Hope you all have a great week! I will try to have better stuff to say next week! hahah

Love you!!

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