Monday, February 8, 2016

Drifting and Driving

Well... I guess another week has passed. Can that please stop happening now?

I learned a very interesting lesson this week!
So it snowed like a whole ton Sunday through Tuesday! It sucked because we got parked... but... you know me and how much I love when people freak out because of the weather! People were stuck everywhere, it was great.... anyway... back to the point. Thursday came and all the snow was melting away! It was pretty sunny, but there was this big grey cloud headed our direction! So I decided to ask people if it was supposed to snow again this week... Each time, after consulting their various mobile devices, they would say, 'Nope, zero chance of snow this week'... Well after asking about 4 people I kind of got irritated because I thought that by now I know what a freaking snow cloud looks like, but, in the words of my wonderful sister, "Compu'er Says No" haha so that was that! I gave up on my dreams of chaos and went to bed... Awkward moment when you wake up... look at the weather to decide what to wear and you see... everything is covered in snow!

What the heck? So before we left I took to clearing the car off, and while trying to blow my now popsicle fingers warm, I thought to myself "But the internet said there would be no snow?"

And then straight away realised how stupid I am, because I saw the clouds! So I felt a little stupid for being unprepared for the snow when I had totally seen the clouds! I knew that it was going to snow, but instead of believing what I clearly saw and knew, I believed everyone else who told me their info from the inside of their houses without ever having looked at the clouds.

I think we... especially me, have moments in our lives where we know for sure that things are true! Where we have a strong testimony of the Saviour because of things we have seen and felt in our own lives... but then as soon as the world tells us over and over again that we're wrong, we are tempted to, and sometimes do, believe them over what we have seen and know to be true.
I think of when Korihor, in the Book of Mormon, went around and tried to tell people that they were wrong, that the things they believed were just the foolish traditions of their fathers... and so many of them,  even after having seen the miracles in their lives and gaining that testimony, still believed him, whereas Alma did not. When Korihor said that there was no proof of God, Alma didn't just refute with saying "well... you can't prove that's there's no God either so nah nah Nah" No, he bore his testimony to him and told him how he knew for sure that there was a God. He said that all things are a testimony of God, and that all things around us, the planets, they way they orbit, everything that we have... denote that there is, in fact, a God.

So that's something I learned this week... and also... that setting mean traps to be funny will come back to bite you in the bum... or more like... Frost Bite you in the bum! Sunday night we went to the dog park in the complex with one of our members so she could take her pup to do her business... and there in the park is a big hole that the dogs have dug up... well I thought it would be hilarious to cover the hole up with snow... and just imagine someone falling in it... hilarious! Well Monday night came and I had not yet forgotten about this hole... I knew in which general area it was and so I was trying to find it... then I gave up and Boom!!!... Found myself on my butt in the hole... Genius! That'll teach me. Probably not though.

This week was full of fun things! We went to our dinner appointment on Tuesday night and while we waited for dinner we played with the sister's two daughters. They are just the cutest. They have a piece of my tiny heart! After dinner and our message, when we were getting ready to leave I felt so bad... they each grabbed a leg and cried because they didn't want us to leave... so I was stomping around with two little munchkins on my legs!! I miss my babies!! Haha... for real though!

Wednesday we were finally allowed to drive again! Happy days! I love Drifting in the snow... did I say Drifting??? I meant... Driving! Hahaha jokes!!

We got to go to do service and that was fun. There was barely anyone there because of the snow still on the roads.
Thursday we were meant to do weekly planning... but probably only got to do a few minutes of it and had to do the rest on Friday because we ended up being so busy on Thursday with appointments! It was nice! I like days like that!! This week I also got to hold a sweet-A Lizard! Happy days..


So... it has been a good week! Lots of things to do! We have a sister in our ward who just got home from her mission this week... that's slightly terrifying... because ... yeah... I feel like it's so close now!! No thanks!

Well.... that's it from me this week I guess... I feel like I've talked about anything that I had to say that was even slightly interesting!!
A record of the good things that happen every day

So... yeah!! I love you all!! Thanks for being great and always saying nice stuff about me... that's cool... hahaha


BYEEE!! :)


  1. Christi, I enjoyed this post so much. What a wonderful insight. I'm glad that you're enjoying your missionary service . . .I just knew you would be a great missionary! Love, Sandra Hale

  2. I loved this post too! What great insight. ��