Monday, August 31, 2015

Who Do You Want to Be Like?

So... this week was pretty great!  Monday we went bowling and then sat around a fire and made smores! It was legit!
Legit Smores
Tuesday we had Zone conference! I love Zone conference! I always learn so much! It was also nice because we were all together.  Our Zone area is pretty huge so that rarely happens! It was good!

After we finished Zone conference I headed up to Salida with Sis Fox on exchanges.  So I got to spend the day there in a new area with new people. I really enjoyed it. I love meeting new people... who would ever have thought they'd hear that from my mouth!??! Crazy!! Still kills me on the inside but I enjoy it.
So exchanges was really good!
Monte Vista (South) to Salida (North)
Salida, Colorado

The rest of the week we spent catching up on work we missed out on during Zone conference! It was busy! I love being busy!

We got to go and see one of our members who is in a wheel chair. It was his birthday. We tied balloons to his chair and brought him cookies!
It was a really cool lesson!

I am running short on time today!! Nooo!! But we're about to head out fishing!
Gone Fishing

Something interesting.

Jesus Christ and Satan are  opposite in every single way... except for one.

The only thing that they have in common is that they both want you to be exactly like them. Who do you want to be like?

I'm sorry for such a short one today and for my lack of pictures... but I have to goooo!!!!

Remember that I love you and that the church is true!!!!!


Sister Botts

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