Monday, August 10, 2015

STL stands for... So Totally Leaving and.... Sister Training Leader.

Goodbye Sis. Park
So… sad days… after just one transfer here I am leaving.  It's so sad.  I cried for like 48 hrs straight.  I love this area and these people so much!  I could stay here for the rest of my mission and be ok with that!

This week though has been good!
I got to play the drums!! Happy freakin' days!!
Got my guitar tuned.. woohoo!

Loved playing the drums again :)

We've taught quite a bit this week. We had 5 investigators at church yesterday!

I'll be going down to the Manassa area. Serving in the Rio Grande ward.  I'm excited. I'll be a Sister Training Leader though… Kinda freaked. Haha
Rio Grande chapel

Two of the people that I just totally love, love, love, and feel like I needed to come here just to meet, had babies this weekend.  That makes me happy but also sad because I won't get to see them really.  I got to see one of the little boys yesterday in the hospital when I went to visit.  He was so tiny and cute.  Tiny humans are so cute!

The funny thing about this transfer is that I knew, as soon as I got here,
that it was a one and done deal.  I knew it wasn't going to be more than 6 weeks.  I just knew it. But I still got so attached to the people. They are so great and I love it here and I don't want to leave.  I knew it, but I just wanted to be wrong so when I got that phone call… dang.

And then a missed call from President.   Uh oh.   Freak.  I never expected to be an STL.  Ever… never mind just now.  But I'm excited.  I'll be on a totally other side of the mission. I'll be boiling to death.  It'll be great!

I'm excited though.  I'm excited for a new area and new people and a new companion…. and yeah,  maybe going on exchanges with my MTC companion. Haha that'll be cool!
MTC Companion - Sister Tucker 

But… I still love the work!! I think crying this much after only 6 weeks has made me realize how much you get to love people by sharing the gospel with them. Even when they don't progress… you just love them because they are more than a baptism.  I don't want to just come out here and baptize, baptize, baptize… If I never saw a baptism on my mission I would still love these people just as much.
Baking cookies for someone they're teaching

I'm happy.  Sad but happy.

I love you all.
I want you to know that the church is true. I don't just think it is because it kind of makes sense.  I know it's true!!!   If someone can send me out to preach the gospel, and I haven't offended everyone around me enough to make them never return… you gotta know it's true! haha

PS… I have not decided to start spelling 'baptize' the American way… it's just auto-correcting… this thing must think I'm dumb.
Fun in the gym

But seriously!! I love the gospel. I love sharing it.
I'm slowly finding myself horrified at how fast the time is going.   Me no likey.
Swiftly move the sands of time

This morning we went hiking. As I looked out over the rock and I was so sad to think that I wouldn't be seeing this place for a while… all the time.

 But that's ok.  I'm sure the Valley is pretty great too.
The Valley
    I'm ready.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Sister Botts.

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  1. Seeing places!!! Meeting new people and doing what you are passionate about! Enjoy your new "home". Love you Lots! Tish