Monday, August 3, 2015

Get Up and Go Again

Well well well… this week was hard. Who knew missions could be hard? Not me?!?
But yeah… the week was hard.
Remember the Incline?
But one week out of 7 months (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????? 7 MONTHS) isn't so bad!

On the bright side… we have been teaching this one boy… and by "we" I mean me and many others before… and they have been teaching him at his grandparents house… I thought it was because his parents didn't want to be part of it… so it took a few weeks but we finally just asked his grandparents for his parents' address and number, and then we went over and saw them. We taught him at his parents home with them. They invited us to continue the lessons in their home. It was great! I have such a great feeling about it. I love it!

People are getting ready for back to school, and so more than 50% of our appointments this week cancelled on us. That sucked. But we'll get up and go again. We biked to District meeting again which was great, and we're much better about working out in the mornings so that's good too I guess.
Missionary tan

Wanna hear something that is, simutaneously. both funny and sad?
So we live in the basement. Sometimes little bunnies get stuck in the window wells… it's sad. Usually we can rescue them. This time…I guess we didn't. We didn't even know about it until I walked into our room… called sis Park and said "Do you smell that?… it smells like Death!!" Low and behold… right outside our open window lies a dead baby bunny… It was so sad but I couldn't help but burst out laughing. Poor bunny!! Smelly bunny!!

Hummingbird - one of the more 'fortunate' creatures at their house

Anyway… I have been thinking a lot about the Second Coming… and how we say no one knows the time etc. and so we kind of just chill and sit back and wait and hope we are prepared… but I think we have a lot more to do with the time of the Second Coming than we think. Maybe no one knows because it's not just a set time of on that day, regardless… He's coming. Nope.

In 1 Nephi 22:26 it says:
And because of the righteousness of His people, Satan has no power; wherefore, he cannot be loosed for the space of many years; for he hath no power over the hearts of the people, for they dwell in righteousness, and the Holy One of Israel reigneth.

So I think we have a lot more to do with when it happens than we think. I think when we are righteous enough that we ourselves can bind Satan by not giving into him… then we will be ready.

I meeeeean… this is just my opinion on what I've read from the Scriptures the last few days.

I've been taking forever to read the Book of Mormon because I've decided to just take a plain blue copy of the BoM and just study it and mark everything with all the thoughts that I have. It's so much more effective than just reading.
Effective study

Also…. I bought a guitar this week. Super cheap. Super green. I have named him "The Hulk" because as I laid it on my bed I realized that it matched the green of the Hulk on my pillow case… and there ya go. I found a name! Haha.
The 'Hulk' - helping to maintain sanity

But regardless of the hard week… we get up and we move on. Life is good.

Except for that bunny… he did not get up and move on. He just moved on…. to the other side. Sorry bunny.

The Gospel is true. Be Good. Make Good Choices!
Just do it.


Sister Botts. (aka the Sister BOSS!)

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  1. That is one ugly green guitar!!! But you will play beautiful music on it. Read all your blogs and loved it every time. Just so busy - too busy with work and selling house. I think this was the best thing you did in your life, so many memories you are making. And it seems you will be Public Speaker No 1 when you finish your 2 years!! Cannot believe you have been away for 7 months already!!! Sure Mom and Dad is missing you loads. I'm still not back on FB, so I am sure I am missing out on lots of news and photographs. Luckily your Mom sent me Mark's Baptism photo's via e-mail. Well, we have real winter at the moment - for SA. so going to grab some sunshine while it lasts. Love you lots!! Tish