Monday, August 17, 2015

New Faces and Wide Open Spaces

Ice-creams with SIs. Park and the Frederick family on her last night in the area
So this week has been super, super interesting! New area about 4 hours away from my old area... also completely different too!
Monte Vista City

 We live in this tiny, cute, old apartment! Ancient. It's so hot down here too, so windows stay open over night, and the fan is on while we sleep. Sooo hot! Hahah.  I'm gonna be so blonde when I leave here!

But it has been a great week! The members here are great and so is the scenery!  Our area is so much bigger than any of my others! There are people faaaar out in the country! It's so funny because I got so used to people always being so close... I forgot that in Ireland, some people live hours away from the church building!  We take these things for granted sometimes!
Wide open spaces of Rio Grande County

But it really is awesome here! At night when we get home and you look up at the sky it's like being in the game reserve because you can see all the stars super bright. Then you hear a gunshot, remember you're not in Kansas anymore, and go inside haha.  Seriously, I love it! It's exciting! I was just talking to sister Olsen, my new companion, about how exciting it would if someone tried and mug us... but we get away fine. It's only exciting if you live! hahaha

This week was so busy though! We spent a lot of time planning the first 2 days, and then taught our butts off for the rest of the week!

Also... we ate our butts back on! Brownies everywhere!! and and and and

There are AMISH people here!!! So cool!!  We went to this Amish bakery and bought cinnamon rolls and banana bread... and then asked if we could come back and help them bake one of the days!!  So... Friday we will be doing service with the Amish!! How cool is that! I'm so excited!
Miller Family Bakery

We also did service twice this week... one in a charity shop... we set up the shop window... it was pretty fun, they let us do whatever we wanted!  And then the second day we were helping hand out food boxes to families that needed it! My hands were killing me by the end but it was awesome!! Loved it!

We also contacted a lot of referrals this week... or at least tried.  One was in this super sketchy apartment place... so of course... we had to take pictures of ourselves.   Cuz that's what you do in those situations! hahaha!
Outside the super-sketchy apartment

Something that I found during my studies this week... it was from a talk by Richard G Scott given in 1994 called "To be Healed"   You should read it!!
Richard  G. Scott

Richard G. Scott - To Be Healed  (link to the talk)

It says " 'Don't say no one understands me; I can't sort it out or get the help I need'. These comments are self defeating. No one can help you without faith and effort on your part"
 I love this quote... because there are two parts to it... there is someone who can help... the Saviour can always help, and always knows what we are going through... BUT.... if we aren't willing to get off our butts and do something... good luck ... not gonna happen!

I just love being a missionary.  I hate leaving people and companions but being a missionary is pretty great! Just today at the laundromat we spoke to someone and gave her a Book of Mormon... I'd never have the guts to do that at home!!   Heavenly Father always puts us where we need to be!!!

I love you all!! Be good!

With Elder Migi and Sis. Aukuso at the transfer meeting

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