Monday, September 7, 2015

Fishers of Fish and... Fishers of Men

So! I have a little more time this week to write this blog! Happy Days!

I have been gone over 8 months!!!! Aaaaagh!

It has been a most wonderfully wonderful week. (I said that in a Mary Poppins Voice)
We worked our butts off! I'm trying to focus on this entry but I'm sitting in a massage chair right now... haha life is good!

But yes... back to the good week that we had! It was great! We went fishing last Monday! I caught 3 trout... which makes a total of 4 fish I've caught in my entire life!! hahah  I set 2 of them free again, and one of them went for the Salida Sisters' dinner!

Fishers of Fish

Tuesday we spent 2 hours doing service at the Veterans Centre... we played Bingo with them! haha It was cool.  Then we had one more lesson and then headed up to Colorado Springs to spend the night there because we had a meeting on Wednesday. It was a long drive! I love long drives so much! And it was pretty because we drove through the mountains.  Sister Olsen drove up because it was her driving day.

Driving through the Mountains to Colorado Springs

Wednesday we had our meeting.  It was good.  I got to see Sis Aukuso for the day which was!  After our meeting we went to have some ice-cream with Sister Grow.  That was great too! And then we had dinner with a family from Sister Olsen's old ward. It was my turn to make the drive home.  Agh it was so pretty! We drove a different way because we had to drive through Salida to pick up Sis Olsen's bike. We ended up reaching Salida at 10pm so we stayed there for the night and then drove the rest of the way home early the next morning.  So we didn't even have time to shower that morning because we got home just after eight and had to have a meeting with the Zone leaders to plan zone training for Friday... we had to figure out a way to teach what we discussed in the meeting on Tuesday... so it was just go go go.   

All this seems like we would get no work done and we had kind of prepared ourselves to expect lower numbers this week... but we didn't settle on that.   We still worked our butts off... and last night when we did call-ins with our District leader... we realised that not only did we surpass all the goals we had set for the week, but we taught more lessons this week than any other week of the transfer so far!! 


It was such a nice surprise, and also showed us we have no excuse to get any lower since we won't have all that stuff going on every week!

Yesterday after lunch we stopped at this creepy old house that I love, and took some pictures... just random fun. It's so creepy!! For real!
'Tracting' the creepy house 

So it's been an awesome week.  We're trying to talk to as many people as possible around us. We're trying to find new people to teach. Sister Olsen and I have decided on quite a few changes that we need to and want to make in our area. We're excited!

We have 2 exchanges in a row set for this week so that'll be fun! Or tiring... haha either way... it should be a good week! I'm excited!

Well... it really has been a great week!! 
I love this gospel! I love the Book of Mormon!! For reals! Seriously!! It's so great!

I hope you all have an awesome week!

Quote from this week.
Sis Olsen "Sometimes life is just poopy"
Sis Botts "Yup! And sometimes that poop is fertilizer"
Sis Olsen and Sis Botts

For real though!!!

Anyhoo... I love you! 

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  1. See you still LOVE Milo!!! that was all you drank when you visited us. Good old days. Spoke to your parents last Saturday and it seems you will all be coming for a visit when you finish your Mission. Cannot wait. Love you Lots. Tish