Monday, July 27, 2015

Loving Missionary Life!!

So happy it's stupid :)
This week was greeeeat!  We worked so hard and taught so many lessons!!
P-day was lame, but other than that it was a great week! We have a new investigator! It's exciting!

We got to have District meeting a little further away in the Calhan Chapel... which reminded me so much of South Africa! For real! The drive there was beautiful! I got to drive. I love driving.

Calhan, Colorado. I can see why it reminds her of home (SA)
I had to talk in Sacrament Meeting yesterday... so of course I slept like nothing for the week!! Freaked !

The thought of a 15 minute talk is just... agh!  So picture this... 4 speakers before me and then the intermediate hymn... still the intermediate hymn somehow is finished by 11:30...  freak!!!! I ain't prepared for that?!  So the bishop leans over behind the YW, who were singing, and says he'll fill in some time after... SWEET! So I feel a little better... well I got up there and somehow talked for 30 minutes... Bizarre! It didn't feel that long at all.... I was so not excited about speaking about "Strengthening Home and Family"  because, as many people have pointed out many times... I don't know too much about that... but it was one of my favourite talks ever. I loved giving it.

The cutest part though... made my day... maybe even my life.... I stopped talking and looked around... I was about to speak specifically to the children so I said "Children, are you listening?" and suddenly out of the congregation I hear the voice of a small little boy "YES!" Haha  I laughed!!  And others did too... it was just so cute! I loved it!  I still don't know who it was but it made my day...
At least somebody was!!
Imagine my surprise though, to look at the clock to see that it was 12 o'clock. Haha it was pretty great!

We had the opportunity to talk and teach the Restoration at an 8 year old's baptism. I was so happy that the family asked us!! I feel that missing Mark's baptism, I have to make up by being at as many little kids baptisms as possible!
Mark, Niamh and Steph at Mark's baptism

I love teaching too... it's like I'm freaking out about everything, always, still... speaking to strangers is terrifying still!!! But as soon as I open my mouth... I feel fine!

Time is once again running short...   I love you all.  I love the Gospel.

I reach my 7 month mark in 3 days, and I'm not happy about that.... I can't imagine being anything else... taking my name tag off for the last time... I get teary just thinking about that!!!  I just love everything about missionary life!! I'm so happy it's stupid!!
Loving Missionary life

The Church is true!!!!!!  I'm telling you! It's true!!

The gospel is so great!

Well... I love all of you very much!

Have a great week!!!!

Sister Botts

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