Monday, July 20, 2015

Squalls and Falls

This week was an odd one. I don't know why. It just felt odd!
We ate at a Korean Restaurant on Tuesday! It was pretty cool. SO so so much food though! It was legit!  We really enjoyed it!
Korean Restaurant

For P-day last week we had a Zombie nerf war... it is as dorkie as it sounds, but it was a lot of fun and something different for once! I had a lot of fun!

We also had Pioneer Day this Saturday which was so great! We got to spend time inside showing Church History videos and having discussions about them afterward. I liked that! Then for the last 30 minutes we went out and walked around the park with all the members. It was cool because I got to see a lot of the members from my 2 previous areas! It was super good!

We also biked a lot on Friday! It was great! We biked first thing in the morning to District meeting....
Back on Bikes :)
I totally bit the dirt though. We were biking on loose sand and my companion's bike wiggled a bit, so while I was watching her I buffed it and landed in a thorn bush.. that's right... you can laugh... it's fine. Laugh at my pain... go ahead! Haha... it was pretty funny. And I have some gnarly bruises to go with it!

One of our members brought a friend to church yesterday, and since they had a calling in nursery, asked us to meet her there and show her where the Gospel principles class was... which we happened to be teaching... so while we're talking I finally ask where she is from... "I'm from South Africa"... imagine how excited I was haha.  She was from Durban but had been in Denver for 2 years.
Durban beachfront
It was pretty cool!  Also someone who served their mission in South Africa said my accent sounded like what they remembered a SA accent sounded like... Happy days!! Haha! Made my day!!

We are teaching a 9 year old boy who's grandparents are members but his parents aren't. He is so smart it's crazy! I think they underestimate his understanding of the things he learns.
Yesterday when he closed the lesson with a prayer in his prayer he said "And please help my dad to learn the Gospel as well as me" My ever growing heart broke a little bit. It was the sweetest thing!

We also did a good bit of service this week!  Because of the storms, we spent one afternoon fixing up a garden and another repainting a recently flooded basement! It was fun!!

I feel bad for being so excited about these big storms!! But they're so beautiful!!!!
Flag in a Storm

Calm after the Storm
Yesterday's talks were on families... and someone mentioned "Intentional Parenting".

I'm just going to leave those two words... you can think about what that means to you!

The church is true. It always has been...

I love you!!!

Sister Botts.

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