Monday, July 13, 2015

Hard Work and Still Small Voices.

I have a peanut butter problem.  I don't know where I lost my hate of peanut butter but it has happened. I went through half a jar and an entire loaf of bread last week.   It's a real problem I have now!!

This week was good. I've started drawing again. So that's a thing I guess.

We spent Saturday doing service. We spent it in the Black Forest Regional Park. There was a really bad fire there a few years ago, and so to stop mudslides we were digging holes and embedding logs of trees.  It was fun. I love some good manual labour!! I got bitten by huge red ants while moving one of the logs.  Freaking hurts!!
Service in Black Forest Regional Park

Some fun along the way
Loving the manual labour

It was also 11th of July ... or, in America 7/11, which means FREE SLURPEE DAY!!! Haha happy days!! Just the right thing after some hard work!

We had a good teaching week. Next week can be better though!

There was a massive storm here on Thursday night.  I feel bad for loving storms so much because it ruined a lot of people's homes and gardens.
Some of the roadside along this road was washed away in the storms
No sign of the storms in this sky

I was once again confronted by my fear of public praying yesterday... for both Sacrament meetings I gave the opening prayer... Aaaagh!!!
But it was ok. Something that I realized while I was praying, and then was brought to my attention last night by someone else who had heard me pray in Sacrament.... I revert back to my natural accent when I pray. Proper South African sounding hahaha!   It's weird. It's like my habitual accent that I have when I'm talking to non-South Africans just goes away when I pray. It's funny!

It's been a good week though! We had Zone training on Thursday which was pretty great. Probably the best one I've gone to yet! I learned a lot!

We also had interviews with the Mission President on Friday.  Interviews always freak me out hahaha.

I've loved the week though. We taught a lot and got to know more of the members.   We happened to find the right people to teach who needed to hear from Heavenly Father, without ever knowing that they needed us. I love that we can do that. That Heavenly Father will direct us to the people we need to speak to, even if they are active members. Sometimes we don't know the struggles that people are going through, and we just have to listen to the Spirit when he tells us who to see.
Instruments in His hands

There have been hard days but it's still the best thing I've ever done!!!  I wish I had  time to type more but the time is far spent... wow... that was obnoxious!  Anyway... here's a fun fact! I'm learning Korean!! I can now say "Shut up", "I love you", "stop texting boys", "you're obnoxious" and "that's stupid" in Korean. Hahaha it has been a good week!!!!!!
We shall overcome!!!

And now I should go!
Sisters in Zion

Just remember this.... you may never need a  load of food storage. In an emergency, you will probably not be able to carry all the water you obediently stored in case of an emergency, but one thing you will have... is the fact that you have been obedient to the Prophets of the Lord in getting ready your food storage.  Maybe it's not about disaster. Maybe its about obedience.  Maybe you will meet someone who will be in need of food? Maybe you'll just be obedient and do it anyway?!


Be obedient!!!!

<3 Sister Botts

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