Monday, May 4, 2015

Trips and Treats

This week started off with me leaving my memory card in the library and then ending up in the emergency room after tearing the ligaments in my foot.

So... for the sake of honesty I shall tell you that this week has sucked!
We went from 2 weeks of teaching 22 lessons to only teaching 13 lessons this week. Not great!  At least 2 appointments a day cancelled on us and it was just fairly crap!
But there were some good parts... as always!

Monday after shopping we met this homeless Veteran on the corner of the road. We pulled up next to him and handed him 2 Rice Crispy treats... he said "Oh! Thank you! These are my favourite!"  So I said "Wow! Mine too!" So he says... "Well then... we were destined to date!" Ahaha!  So cute!! It made me sad! He had the most amazingly blue eyes I ever saw!!

Also after one of our appointments cancelled we decided to go visit a neighbour of one of the members... As we got there she explained that some bees had swarmed and landed in her trees and these bee people were coming to take them away! Scary! So as we're sitting chatting with her and her mother, the bee guys come.
The Bee Guy (well A bee guy, not the one in the story!!)
"Hello Sisters" one of them says! D: Huh!!! How do you know we're sisters we ask. He explains that he saw the bike rack and knew we were missionaries... then he leaves and tends to the bees while we sit there shocked cuz only members really know that the bike rack is a missionary thing! So when he comes back in we ask him! He tells us he's a member and we realise that he's the brother of less active members in BOTH wards that we work with!!! So then the other bee dude walks in and says how the first dude is his home teacher!!! Ha! So 4 Mormons just chilling in the living room of our investigator!! How's that for timing?! And so from those two Brothers we were able to find out ways to help the one dude's sisters and then the other guy gave us information of someone, who was being taught by Elders, that he wanted us to meet!! How flipping sweet is that?!?

It was pretty great!

We had specialised training this week which was also great!

And someone handed my memory card in to security at the Library and so I have it back... and even though the last week seriously sucked, I'm so happy to be here and to start the week over again!
Smiling through adversity

The church is true, and nothing else really matters when you're doing what you should!!

I don't care if it's hard! If you know it's right then DO IT!!! Even when you're living the Gospel, life sucks sometimes, but if it was easy there would be no point!!

1 Peter 1: 7!!! Read it!! Trials are more precious than Gold!!!

Yesterday there was a baby blessing at church, and the father... super young and first child... blessed his son saying "I bless you with all the trials and tribulations that will help you to come to better know the Saviour"

Whoa!!!!   Trials are a blessing!!


I love you all!!!

And you better make good choices or I'mma come back for ya!!! Seriously!!!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!


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  1. Read 1 Peter 1:7 Just what I needed. "sodat die egtheid van julle geloof getoets kan word. Julle geloof is baie kosbaarder as goud, goud wat vergaan. Selfs die suiwerheid van goud word met vuur getoets, en die egtheid van julle geloof moet ook getoets word, sodat dit lof en heerlikheid en eer waardig mag wees by die wederkoms van Jesus Christus". Hope your foot is ok soon. Love you lots. Tish