Monday, May 18, 2015


Sisters at Mission Conference
So... This week was pretty eventful to say the least! It started off slow but it ended off a li'l cray!
We did a good bit of teaching which is always good right?!
Since I've stopped writing down stuff to remember to say in my emails I kind of forget pretty much everything except the real exciting parts.. sorry! Haha! So I'm just going to skip to the exciting parts ok?!

Friday afternoon we realised that Sis Grow had lost her wallet... and that someone had been using one of her cards... so we have no license to drive... so we're back to biking and walking! HAPPY DAYS!  Seriously though! So for the rest of Friday we spent the day cancelling cards, and then walked to our evening appointment which, luckily, was on the border of our 2 areas so it was only like a 20 min walk! I miss walking and being out!

Saturday... OH SATURDAY!!!

With Sis. Aukuso and Sis. Bentham at Mission Conference
We woke up and went to morning sports at 6 am...  being smarter than the previous week, I sat out and didn't play... after that we got ready and fixed our faces... or did as much as make up would allow anyway... and then went tracting for like an hour! It was great! No one was interested the entire time! Then we walked back home and stopped by this one house we always wanted to stop at cuz the kid has cool hair. The father answered, he was super friendly, talked with us for about 15 minutes about church, work and so on... and we made a return appointment to go back and teach him about the gospel! Freaking sweet right!  After that we headed home and prepared our stuff for the next 30 mins to go and see ELDER HOLLAND! WHUUUUUUUUUUT!!!  Yeah! So we headed off to Mission Conference! It was pretty great seeing Sis Aukuso and other people we don't see often!
Happy to see Sis. Aukuso again :)

After chilling, and talking to people we went in and sat down and waited for Elder Holland to get there! When he got there he wanted to shake everyone's hand and have them tell him their name and where they're from... Dilemma... I still don't know how to answer that damn question! So anyway... we all did it.. me being me, couldn't even look the man in the eyes. Eye contact is weird ok!

So after that we sit down and he tells us he interviewed us... phew! Good thing I looked at his shoes!! Or... maybe that told him more than looking in his eyes would have! Haha... I didn't burst into flames straight away though so I think I'm safe for a little longer! I HOPE! Haha

It was pretty awesome getting to actually see him! He walked around and talked to us. He is hilarious! Seriously! laughed so hard! But he's also just so freaking awesome!  And it wouldn't be 'An Elder Holland Talk' if he didn't shout a little!! It was great! Taking notes is hard when your eyes are glued to someone... but I took a load of notes! It was pretty awesome... I've said 'Awesome' way too many times in this post already but whatever... there you have it!
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Sunday...  :/ Sis Grow and I sang in Sacrament meeting... I will never get used to that. I will be terrified of doing that until the day I die! For reals! It went alright though!
Sis. Botts and Sis. Grow

Some of the things I loved from Elder Holland's talk

"Stop assuming you know who will accept the Gospel!"

"We only have words to work with... if you've only got one weapon USE IT!"

And my FAVE... "You can only do what you can do but YOU'VE GOT TO DO THAT'

So yeah! It was pretty epic! He's great! It was definitely something I'm happy I got to experience! I feel sad for all the missionaries coming in today because they missed him by only a few days... SUCKERS!!!

Anyway...  I will start being better at keeping notes again of stuff that happened this week!!
She did build a shelf this week!!

Hope you're all good!
Love you all

Make good choices!!!!!!!!!

Seriously! DO IT!

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  1. Love your hair in these new photographs!! And the shelf looks great. Well lots of news from my side but will write you an e-mail! Love you Lots!