Monday, May 11, 2015

Short and Sweet

This is going to be a short one!! Sorry!!
But this week was no better than last... although I feel 300000000 times better about it! I guess it's all about attitude right?!
This week was full of rain and hail and thunder and lightning!! It was so freaking great!! Sometimes the thunder rolls for a good 30 seconds! And the lightning lights up the entire sky! Nature is pretty much the coolest thing ever!!
Lightning over Colorado Springs
So wanna know something funny?! It had been almost 2 weeks since injuring my ankle... I figured it was ready to play some soccer... it was... but I clearly wasn't! Ended up doing the exact same thing to the other ankle that day except worse!! GENIUS!!! Pretty sure someone doesn't want me to go anywhere!!

This week the weather was so bad we had 3 flood warnings, and one of the days we actually had to park our cars and not drive! It was so exciting! I just love it!
We had 2 days of service at the Thrift Store... I enjoy it!
We had about 14 lessons this week and did some tracting! None of the tracting was very fruitful but that's pretty much how it goes, so no surprise there! I'm ok with that! That's life!
We've had some really great teaching opportunities with people this week... they may have been few but they were great!
I just love this work! Seriously! I may just never come home!
Loving the Work
We got to call home this weekend too... that was weird.  Haha! Seriously! It kinda felt like I never left and my monkeys have gotten so big!! It's crazy!
Dad and the Monkeys - taken a while ago
This week I also got a package from SARA JANE!!!!!! GIIIRL!! You are so great and I wanted to publicly say that! THANK YOU!

The sun is currently shining outside and so that makes me even happier!!

I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!! I know I say this all the time but I love it more today than I did last week!!!

Every day I see it change either someone else or me a little bit, and it's just more amazing than the day before!!
The Scriptures are so great too! There's so much to learn from even the smallest, shortest verses!!   Once you really study them and try and figure out what they mean... agh! So GREAT!

Also this week I had the most amazing burger... which always helps.  I dream about that burger all the time!

Well, I'm short on time today! But I want you to all know that I love you and that I Love the Gospel!! SERIOUSLY!!

It's so great!!! Have a great week! I promise to take more pictures this week!!


Sister Botts

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  1. It seems that the thunder storms there are much "worse in a good way" than in SA! Born in SA and you will love thunderstorms! Enjoy your time. Look after yourself - Love you Lots