Monday, April 27, 2015

Girly Girls and Biker Dudes

Hola peoples of the world... and by "World" I mean.... the few people that read this...
This week was great!

Once again we taught 22 lessons this week, despite being cancelled on more times than we can count! We had interviews with the Mission President on Thursday. After that we had 2 hours of service at a thrift store. It was pretty fun actually! Then we had a day full of cancelled appointments... it was great! Seriously though!! We got to talk to some other people that needed us that day a little more than the people we had planned to see! It was a great day!  We've been teaching so much again this week! I love being kept busy.  We also had to clear out the furniture from the old apartment... that was so sad I could have cried! Seriously! So sad! We've had a lot of fun this week too!
  The best thing about having a car is that you can joke around and laugh like an idiot without looking crazy ... most of the time! Haha I feel like this blog is going to be super short because I actually cannot remember a single thing from this week!  Shame on me!  My brain is fried!

Friday we had this amazing lesson on the Restoration with this big biker dude! He's such a nice guy and he's read the Book of Mormon, Pearl Of Great Price and Doctrine and Covenants!
LDS scriptures
My eyes almost popped out when he said that!  He is part of an organization called B.A.C.A which is Bikers Against Child Abuse.. so cool!!

Saturday we had a lesson in the same area, and as we were leaving we saw these people loading stuff off of their truck! We walked over and offered to help. Usually people take one look at us and think we're too girly to help
Too girly??
... but they said yes.. so we carried sofas and all sorts of stuff for them to their new apartment! They were really grateful! It was nice!

I've learned a lot this past week! It's really been a good one!

The Gospel is so flipping great! Seriously!!!!!

I keep learning new stuff every day! I still struggle with READING the Book of Mormon and not just skimming it... So I've started reading it in Afrikaans to make sure I'm paying attention to what I read!! It's great!! There is so much in there to learn!! And every time it's different!! The other day during our companionship study I came across a scripture and was like... ahh... I never thought about this... and then realized I must have because I'd highlighted that same scripture when I was in seminary and yet I had forgotten about it! That's why it's so important to carry on reading! Once is not enough!!!
Spiritual and temporal feast

 I love you all so much! And I love this Gospel! It's the greatest and truest thing on the freakin' planet ok!!! 

Well... this has been my week. Slightly shorter and possibly less interesting but still enjoyable!!
Elder Cook's birthday poster

Have a great week!
Make Good Choices!!


Sister Botts

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  1. Well your passion for what you do just grows, it seems. Bly om te hoor jy kan nog Afrikaans lees en verstaan. Enjoy your week, you will be blessed. You are such a blessing in my life. And I only read your blogs. Love you lots. Tish