Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Soaking Sisters

So this week was pretty much just amazing!! We've spent a lot of time walking in the rain and praying not to be hit by lightning... seriously! One day we walked everywhere and it was so sunny, as we left one appointment to head to another it started lashing... and thunder and lightning everywhere! So we're in an open field and we decided that it was a good idea to stop and pray... picture how awesome that would look... two soaking sister missionaries in an open field surrounded by lightning just being cool, praying in the middle of it all.  Pretty awesome is all i'm saying!!
Soaking wet Sisters

We found so many people to teach last week, either less active members or investigators.  We should lose our car every week!!!

We had some fun times this week for sure! And Sis Grow and I made mustaches hahaha! It was great! We have some fun times together!!
Silly Sisters

On Sunday our recent convert who was baptized at the end of January received the Priesthood!!! How great is that?!  I was so happy!
Sis Grow and I taught the Gospel Principles class on Sunday too. Fun fun.

Saturday morning we spent like 4 hours doing service for a member's neighbour... 5 sisters and 4 elders... we moved like crazy! We are pro movers at this stage!

Today we had Zone Conference which was pretty flippin' great!
Zone Conference

I love being a missionary!! I love this work and sharing the gospel! I want to just stay here forever! Seriously!

Miracles every day! It's so great!

So it's been a really amazing week! Although we've been walking and I thought it would be a hard week and we wouldn't get much done but we one day... the day we stood in the field praying... got 6 lessons in a day... walking across 2 areas! !! It really was wonderful!

I wish I had more time to email because I have so much I wanna say but since this Monday was a holiday we are emailing now at a members home and it's almost time to go home!   Sad days!


Remember that the church is true.
Remember that I Love you... most of you anyway! hahaha
And make good choices! haha

Bubye!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

Sister Botts

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  1. I think you are pretty awesome!! You sound so happy and is so passionate about what you are doing! Lots of blessings coming your way for sure! Love you Lots! Tish