Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Reverse Tracting

This week flew by so fast that I actually can't even remember what happened! Sad huh?

It was a pretty good week though... as far as I remember! haha

Been a little sick but nothing major! Wee li'l cough! 

Anyway... yesterday... we had a great experience! We had planned for dinner to be at 6 and then the family asked for us to come at 5 instead... so, because we now we had some time in the evening unfilled between appointments, we headed home. Suddenly there was a knock on our door. There was a sales person for Century Link and she was asking about our Internet and TV usage... I explained that because we are missionaries we don't watch tv or have any internet usage in the home. She then asked if we knew where the nearest public restroom or gas station was. She had been out all day knocking doors and hadn't used the restroom all day... Well that sounds familiar!

I mentally scanned through the Missionary Handbook and Policies and Guidelines..

I didn't find anything that said not to, since it says only not to accept visits from members or to teach investigators in our living quarters... So I looked at her name tag etc and decided that I should let her use our restroom. Jesus would!

When she came out of the restroom and was heading out the door she said "I admire you, you know." She then told us that she believed in God, but not the Bible, because she feels like there was too much taken away from it! LIGHT BULB! Luckily Sister Adams was listening and brought over a Book of Mormon for her, We explained the Book of Mormon and invited her to read it... she was really grateful and she accepted it and accepted to have us contact her and come and teach her!

She gave us her name and number and then thanked us and left. HA! Who ever thought people would tract into us?! Not me! But it felt so so so good! I felt like a good missionary for a minute because we took that opportunity. Kind of like those sisters in the District 1, where they go and speak to the postal worker. Once we closed the door Sister Adams and I just giggled like school girls at what had just happened. She was prepared. I could feel the Spirit while I was talking to her and she was telling me her concerns. I'm excited!

So that was pretty cool!!! It's not often we actually have people tract into us?! lol Miracles! 
We had to exchange with some other sisters on Wednesday because they are in a trio, and the only one with driving privileges was going to be away for the day at the temple. So Sister Adams and I split with them so we could drive in each area. It was great! I got to spend the day with Sister Sturgeon. She is in her last couple of weeks of being trained. She is such a great missionary! It was awesome teaching with her! That day went way too fast!

We also had interviews with President this week. We decided that we wanted to do some 'stop bys' before our interview was scheduled so we weren't super early... We go to this one house to see if we can arrange a time to go back and visit with them... "Come in" she says as soon as she opens the door... Well, we weren't expecting that! Needless to say, we were late for our interviews but luckily they were running late... so we were still early!! Schweeet!!

Yesterday for P-day I just played cards... so interesting! hahah But I wasn't in the mood to play sports yesterday.... so I played Cribbage... like an old person! But all good! Then we played 'apples to apples'. That's always fun.

Well this week marks 12 months and 3 weeks that I've been out... which means it's exactly 6 months until I come home... and that's terrifying right?! Can I just not?! Please?!

Well... the time is running out... But I love you all.

Thought for the week is super short... but it's true.

Sometimes life is pretty crap! And sometimes that crap is fertiliser!

Truth though!!

Love you all!!! Have a great week! :)

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