Monday, December 14, 2015

Hard Goodbyes

So my teeny tiny heart is a little bit broken today and so I have but a small desire to write this blog. Sorry.
This has been the hardest area to leave... I hardly cried leaving home to come on my mission, but I sobbed like a little baby leaving this area! I could have happily stayed here for the next 7 months! But there ya go, missionary life and all that jazz!
And all that jazz....

This week has been eventful!
Tuesday we had zone conference in Pueblo. It was a really good conference, I enjoyed it!
Zone Conference in Pueblo

Wednesday... well that day just flew by so fast that I can't even remember what we did... how bad is that?  We did, however, have a really great lesson with some investigators!! Sad days that I have to be leaving... but you know.

Then Thursday we had to go to the Springs for a "Train the Trainer" meeting... which really... just made me feel more like I have no clue what I'm doing... it was mostly about how we will affect the rest of their mission... great... that's not good hahaha
After we got back to Monte, we stopped real quick to see our Ward Mission Leader and his wife. They were leaving the next morning  really early, so I was going to say goodbye to them. The first of the goodbyes.  Yuck! I hate goodbyes!  I used to be the type of person who wouldn't even bother with goodbyes... now though... now I say goodbye... and it sucks!

Friday we had district meeting and then we went and helped one of our members clean her new house that she's moving into. Then she fed us a really great bbq pork dinner! So good!! Then we had an appointment with one of my fave couples in the ward!! We read Jacob 5!! Best!!!  I love that chapter and I love those people!!

Saturday was one of those weird days that flew by too fast too! We went out and then it snowed a bit and we got parked... sad days!! But then we got unparked and went to our dinner with one of the best families in the universe! It was great!

Sunday... My last Sunday... so so sad.   I was asked to bear my testimony in Sacrament meeting... I knew it was gonna be bad because even while I was just sitting thinking about what I would say, I was getting all teary!  Sucked! Then I got my ugly cry face on in front of everyone. Great!

Later we had dinner with the Bishop's family! They are so great! I love them!

We went and made another visit, and then back to the Bishop's house. We forgot to put petrol in the car on Saturday night so we didn't have enough gas to get us to Alamosa for the Christmas Cantata, so they took us! :) It was awesome! Really enjoyed it!

After that we headed back to the same family we had dinner with on Saturday. They fed us again and we said goodbye! Freaking one of the hardest goodbyes ever... saaaaaad!!! Then it was home and bed!

Now I'm on my last day here.... I remember the Monday before I came here... I never thought I was going to love it as much as I do!!
I'm sure I'll be giving you the same schpeel when I have to leave Mesa Ridge cuz I'll love it just the same... but waah waaaah waaaaah hahaha

But there ya go... that has been my week... also... chopped off my hair... cuz ya know... that's how I handle stress hahaha!

Cry Cry Chop Chop...
Chop, chop!!!

Well... I'm trying to think of some spiritual tid bit for this email... but I've been such a whiny baby this week I may have missed all the good bits.  Shame on me!

So there... stop being a whiny baby and be grateful!!!

Haha sorry... I suck today!

Love you all! Have a good week!!


  1. I feel her pain-this to will pass.....

  2. Just love reading the blog... I feel like I am on mission with her ... she takes you on the journey with her... so great... love the new hair cut !!!

  3. Because you are who you are, you will settle well and be THE MOST AMAZING trainer.