Monday, December 21, 2015

Exact Obedience

New Companion and Ugly Christmas Jumpers
Well this week has been amazing!!  

Dropped on our butts into a new area!  Went and bought a new GPS on Tuesday morning... 10 bucks! Bargain bai!! I was so grateful for that!!  Members are wonderful!
New apartment :)

Luckily it's winter so the pool won't be a temptation

So Tuesday night we had 2 appointments... one was with the Relief Society president for dinner and then we met with another sister afterwards... it was so awesome... The last appointment we shared a message after getting to know her and her daughters... and then we helped them decorate their Christmas tree!  It was so great!

Wednesday was a weird one... we had some more appointments and went to choir practice with the ward... that was cool, it was a good way to get to know the ward a little faster!

We spent most of Thursday planning... it was a long hard planning session but we got ourselves pretty figured out!! It was good!  Friday we had district meeting.... I shan't say anymore about that! lol  

Saturday we had more choir practice, and then went caroling with the youth and primary at an assisted living home... Well imagine my surprise when, as we are singing this lady walks out and sits down to watch us... I know her! O don't know how but I know her.   Before we left we went around greeting all of the people there and just before I got to her... "Mary!" That's Mary! A lady who fed us lunch once when I was in the 6th ward...   met her once and then never again... until Saturday. What are the chances? It was great! We will be going back to see her regularly!

We spent Saturday contacting some people in the ward and making appointments with those who were about to head out of town!  It's kinda hard at this time because everyone is getting ready to go away... but we kept ourselves busy. It's been a good week!

This week I wasn't "Pretty obedient" like usual... I was EXACTLY obedient... and exact obedience brings miracles... and that miracle this week came in the form of 2 new investigators.... yeah... 2!

It really has been a week where I've needed to show my faith a lot more! But when we are faced with those experiences... we grow so much!!
This week's growth has been more than a whole transfers growth previously... except for when I was in training.... that was scary! hahaha ...

But yes... Missions are just so freaking great!! Seriously! And they are so fun! I've worked my butt off all this week and it's been fun! This is how the rest of my mission is going to be.... next week I will reach a year that I've been out.... that's disgusting!
Hello's and....

Goodbye's at transfer meeting

Anyway... time is short this week... but I just love this gospel!

I love you all!! Have a great week and.... lemme see if my Grinch heart will say it......  Merry Christmas!!!

This is the time of the year where we remember how it is a plan of Salvation.... and not one of Damnation... for without Christ... we would all be damned!!


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