Monday, December 7, 2015

Festival of Miracles

So this week was... well it was crazy!  Remember how I said I thought I was leaving, but I really didn't want to... well... I'm leaving haha... I say "haha" but really it's more like "wawa"  But, I'll be training a new missionary so that's kind of exciting!  We will flush an area so we will be on equal footing as far as knowing the area and people! I always said that if I was to train I would want to flush. So... I guess I got that wish!

Also... remember how I said I wanted to extend my mission... well... that one did come true!! Haha happy days!! Because of the MTC time being now 3 weeks... I get an extra week on my mission.... you can not understand how happy this makes me!  Do you know how many new people you could find in a week?!   LOADS!!!

Oh happy days!!!!

So besides finding out that I'm leaving and maybe crying for the whole night again... it's been a wonderful week!

Tuesday we headed up to the Springs to spend the night for our meeting in the morning... my last one! haha
On the road again
 So we got to stop by and visit with some of my favourite people in the world!!  We ended up staying a little too long at our last visit but it was so great and long overdue!! Rebecca, I freaking love you! (I know you read these now! hahaha )
So it kinda just made my week awesome!!  I wish I could still be your missionary! haha ...I just wanted to publicly let people know how great you are!! :)
For Rebecca

We had our Festival of Nativities last night and it was so great! I think if they do it next year it will be even better!  There were a bunch of non members there! Either family members or friends of members... and one person that we found while out tracting!

We went tracting on Saturday to hand out some invitations to our "Festival of Nativities" and while we were tracting we met a sister who was a less active member. I had never met nor heard of her. As she opened the door, she let us in straight away! As we were talking about the Festival, and that it would be followed by a Christmas Devotional from the First Presidency, I thought it would be a good time to talk about prophets and what the First Presidency was. As I started explaining, she picked up a manual of teachings of George Albert Smith (the 8th President of the Church) and said "I'm already a Mormon, or at least I was" and so we got to talking with her. We must have spent about 40 minutes in her home talking with her. She told us how grateful she was that we had come, and told us how great her baptism was. I think our visit definitely reminded her of the joy she had felt in the gospel. She told us that if she was feeling up to it, she would come for our Festival. There was no sign of her there... until about 30 minutes in when she walked through the door with a friend!! It was amazing!

That same day that we were tracting we had asked the Zone Leaders for the address of a member that they had said had moved from their area to ours. She is less active and her husband is not a member. Well they hadn't gotten back to us but we just kept tracting and inviting... it was about to be dark, so we tried to get done as much as possible before going home. We walked past this lady getting out of her car. At first we just said 'Hi', and moved on (rookie mistake!), and then Sister Zitting said "Hey!" and walked back to her and extended the invitation, to which she replied "What ward am I in now?" It was her! We found the family that the Zone Leaders had told us about, and they live only a few houses away from ours!
I'm really starting to love tracting... although I really do need to force myself to get out and do it... but once I'm doing it, I love it! I guess it's good timing since I'm going to train.... which is still terrifying me... A lot!

But it has been a good week!! I just feel like my tiny heart is breaking a bit at the thought of leaving here! I could stay here for the next 7 and a half months and be perfectly happy... but then I remember how fast 7 and a half months goes... and that is crazy!
Sad to be leaving Monte Vista

People say that the time goes so fast when you're training... that's not very reassuring!! I don't actually want it to... because otherwise... I'll have like 3 months left when I'm done... nope... nope... gross!  But at least I have that extra week!!

Well.... I think that sums up my week pretty well...

Next time I email I will know where the heck I'm going!!   

Hope you all have a good week.

I was (am) freaking out about all this training jazz... since I don't even know what the heck I'm doing yet... and then someone pretty smart pointed me to the story in the new Ensign,
Ensign December 2015
specifically this part:

“Before you worry,” she said, “trust God first. When I do that and I have faith, everything else is simple. When we trust God, we can move forward in our lives with faith and confidence in the future. When we do that, we can  live as witnesses of God.”

I think that's a pretty good thought for everyone...

Love you all!!! :)

Don't suck. 

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  1. Hello Angel Child. You are going to be an awesome trainer. Your love for the Gospel is tangible and your new companion will learn much from you. Luv ya