Monday, December 28, 2015


A year ago in the MTC
WHOA!!!!!! Tomorrow marks the day, one year ago that, I left for my mission!! How did this happen?
A year down the road

Well... Christmas is finally over!! Bah Humbug! hahaha
I tried... I really did. But to no avail!

This week went soooo slowly because we didn't get to teach a lot!  That sucks!!  But Christmas was a fun day! We got permission to watch our Christmas movie on Christmas Eve because we were invited by members. So we watched Elf!! Aaaah!!! I just love that movie! I think my lack of movies in the past year made everything seem hilarious! I laughed so hard through like 90% of the movie!! So good!

Christmas started with breakfast at a members home. It was cool!  Sausages! mmmm! I like sausages :) Then we went to visit a member from my previous area (with permission from Zone Leaders to leave the zone) to see her and her little boy on his first Christmas! He was so cute! He has gotten so big it's crazy!

That was followed by dinner and funsies with our Bishop and his family! We had steak.... I love steak! I could eat it all day, everyday! Then we all chatted and played a game where we just asked a bunch of questions... it was pretty funny. Then before we knew it the day was over!! Just like that it was time to return home!

The day after Christmas was ok... we had a lunch with a member and her family was all there! The rest of the day we spent at home because we were both sick and I felt it was better to spend that day at home getting better rather than spend another day where we might have to cancel appointments to get better!

This email is going to be really short actually... like super short! Sorry.

But it's been a good week!

Funny story from the week... We visited with a less active member, we went to Chick Fila to have lunch since we can't teach him on his own...  He is a good dude for sure, but he was telling me a story of how he had recently been rather rude to the Bishop... well, you know me, I don't care where I am... so I told him how that was rude and not very funny... his response was "Sister Botts, it feels like you are indirectly scolding me" I said "no.. no don't feel like that... because I'm DIRECTLY scolding you!"  He appreciated the honesty and we moved on haha!!

Honesty is so underrated! Just be honest. Don't ever let people wonder where they stand with you. Be sincere... even if you sincerely dislike someone...don't be mean, but don't be fake!  Wish I had learned this a long time ago! Honesty brings real friends that stick around, not ones that don't like you and you don't like but you both suffer through it because honesty is too scary!

I have learned very much to love honesty on my mission. I feel sorry for my companions being around me as I learned this. Sorry to all my companions who had to witness me learning to say "No" I'm sure that was frustrating... haha.  but now... people either like or dislike me for who I am, instead of liking me for who I think people want me to be... so that's nice.
  Probably a lot more on the dislike side... but it's all good! haaha.  Jesus likes me, so we cool.

Anyway.... I'm rambling right now... so I shall leave you.... but I love you all!!!
Looking for the Muffin Man who lives on Drury Lane

Thank you everyone for the Christmas wishes and so on!! BYEEEEE!!!!!!

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  1. Well....we HONESTLY love you and the awesome daughter of God you are,