Monday, September 14, 2015

Super Trooper

So this week was 'sehr, sehr' interesting!  (Sehr - German word meaning very)

Monday Sis. Olsen and I spent at home... just doing nothing! Because sometimes you need that! We did!!  Then we had exchanges that night with the sisters in Manassa!  I got to bring one of the sisters to my area for the day. At the end of the day we exchanged back and headed to the Alamosa sisters to start another exchange! So... as we're driving to Alamosa.... guess what!!! Freaking, freaking!   I see this cop sitting on the side of the road. I panic that I might be slightly speeding. My car slightly goes over the line of the hard shoulder... which I didn't even notice cuz it was like barely... suddenly... flashing lights in my rear view mirror... I, for reals, got pulled over by the State Patrol.  Dang!
She loved the trooper's car - Dodge Challenger

I couldn't even sweet talk my way through it... the cop was like "was there a reason you drove over the line there?" and I'm all just like "Nah man, I didn't even realise that I had"   #toohonest

So I got let off with a warning... but yeah.

I spent Wednesday in Alamosa on exchanges with Sis Carson. She is just about to finish with her training.  It was such a great day! We got to do service for "Habitat for Humanity" who builds houses for people at 0% mortgage!  Lots of hard manual labour!! I was so happy!  It was good!

Thursday was so great to be back as a companionship and plan for the next week! We spent the morning doing service helping people bring boxes of food from this sort of food bank to their car.
There was this couple outside that was talking to one of the sisters. then the husband saw me and said "Now there's the trouble maker! Look at her and her black hair"
Back to Black - here comes trouble!!
 It was funny. So I walked over and we talked. I  found out that she had been a member and he was not, but they went to a different church. At the beginning of the conversation they said they were happy at their church, by the middle of it we were talking about life after death etc, and I had the opportunity to share the message of the plan of salvation with them... by this time the other sister had gone back inside and so I was talking with them for ages. My one leg got burned from standing in the sun while I talked with them in the car park.  This is so not me....  sharing a lesson in a parking lot like I'm not terrified?!? It was pretty great. By the end of the conversation they were saying that they didn't know why they were brought to Colorado. I said "TO MEET THE MISSIONARIES" they laughed and said "maybe that's it"  As we parted ways the lady says "maybe God will lead me back to the church sometime" well I just about died. I could feel the Spirit so strongly as I spoke with them and I just knew that they were there to meet the missionaries. They showed me where they lived... we will have to set the Elders on them... although they specifically asked that we kick the Elders out and come instead! haha.  It was such a great experience.  So not me.
She says the Ginger was so not her either :)

We spent a good part of the rest of the day planning and then had some lessons. When we got home for the night we see a missed call from President... TRAINING CALLS!  I was horrified... I had just felt that I was NOT training. And Sis Olsen was sure she wasn't training because training is 12 weeks and she will only have 9... so I'm like... No! No!! I'm not supposed to be training! Turns out... Sister Olsen is training and I'm staying put.  Slight relief but also super sad! I've really grown to love her this past few weeks and I'm so sad that she's going already! We had so many plans for the area and we just found 3 new investigators this week!!  So I'm slightly terrified that I have to know the area well enough now after 6 weeks... but it'll be ok. Probably!

We are moving in to our new little cottage next week! Exciting! Sad though cuz Sis. Olsen will only live there with me for a week! The most terrifying thing about exchanges is new companions... someone that you have to spend alllll the time with even if they suck! I've been lucky so far!

Friday we went and helped out at the Amish bakery for a little while before District meeting.  After District meeting we had some lessons and appointments! It was nice! That's the day we got one of our new investigators! It was cool...She has a lot of potential!

Saturday started off bright and early with a hike with 2 investigators. We walked around this beautiful place called Big Meadows.

It was awesome! We had a really good time with them discussing the Book Of Mormon and other gospel topics.  Afterwards they took us to this legit Mexican place in the mountains!

After that we went home and showered and went to the POTATO FESTIVAL!!! So great haha. We were trying to talk to as many people as possible so that was fun. We ended up offering to help this older couple take down their display tent ... as we talked we came to realise that they were a couple that some other Elders in our zone were teaching! It was pretty awesome!

Sunday we had 2 investigators at church... one of whom was not an investigator but became one yesterday! :)

After church we had a couple meetings and visits to do and then had lunch... studies and dinner at home... this week sucked for getting dinners hahaha!!!

An interesting dinner option!!

Then we had one lesson with a newer sister and another one with a less active family in the ward. We went in and they had been discussing some things with the non-member mother of the father.   One of the boys asked the question "If there's one God why are there so many churches?" We had the opportunity to teach the Restoration to them and the grandmother. She had so much sympathy for Joseph Smith, so we then could discuss the Priesthood in a little more depth, and where Joseph Smith's Priesthood came from. It was wonderful.
Joseph Smith's first vision
She then asked us if we believe that after death our spirits are free to go around, or are they in a "deep sleep" like another religion had told her. She is staunch Catholic, and so wanted to know what we believed.  Surprise, surprise!! The lesson that we had prepared to teach was the Plan of Salvation!  Her husband just died the day I got to the area, and so I think she found so much comfort in that lesson. I really enjoyed teaching it to her.

And that was new investigator #3 for the week!

So this week has been full of miracles!!!   I have grown a lot from the week!!
Growing week by week

I'm excited for the next week!!!

I hope you all have a great week!

Love you lots!!

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