Monday, September 21, 2015

Miracles not Myths!!

What a week!!
I feel like I need to be carried home on a stretcher! So tired! Haha

This week we moved to a cute little cottage. We love it! So much bigger than our apartment was!

This week has been one giant miracle! Seriously!
Tuesday... we went to go see our new investigator... she dropped us like a Hot Potato! Dang! So as we are driving out of the complex this lady randomly waves at us. Cool, cool!  Then we're driving, driving and I'm having this argument with myself in my head about how I should not vocally point out that I have the strongest feeling ever that we need to turn around and go back. I swear... it was like a wrestling match in my brain... then out of nowhere, it felt like I had no control over my voice.. "We really need to go back" Freak! Then I was like 'Agh what if nothing happens? I'll feel so dumb'.
Sister Olsen is amazing, and turned back, and we went to where I was sure the lady lived... as we are walking up the stairs this man opens his door and asks us for a pamphlet and a Book of Mormon! I'm sorry, what?!?! Did that just happen?! So after chatting with him we set up a return appointment and he went on his way. Then we hear someone coming down the stairs we were just about to go up. It was her! The lady that waved. She seemed somewhat happy to see us. We chatted and again I wrestled in my brain that the man was the reason we came back... don't say anything to her. Don't do it. Shhh!!! (because yes! Speaking to strangers STILL TERRIFIES ME) "Are you religious?   *did I just say that out loud????*  Yup.. I did... so we set up a return appointment with her too!! Wow 2 new people in one day!

I spent Thursday in Salida with 2 other sisters while our companions all went to the Springs for "Train the trainers"

So fast forward to Sunday... there's this slightly rough-looking man who comes into Sacrament meeting. He was sitting on the couch afterwards. I went up to him and talked with him. He has 5 tear drop tattoos on his face. Ask me if I'm scared... no. I'm not! Not in the slightest! haha. Maybe I should be, but whatever! So I chatted with him. He said that he was going to start coming to church here every week! Well that's great! So I invited him to learn more, and asked if we could come see him. So we will teach him this week! Exciting! That's 3 potential people this week... but wait! There's more!

We do service in the Veteran's Center every week. One of our members worked there and told us that there was a man who had said he wanted to speak to people about the church because he thought that the Mormon church was the one for him! Well flipping sweet! So we went to see him yesterday to see what we could do for him. Well... isn't there an Irish blessing hangin' on his wall, and a slight accent when he talks!
Great! So we get to talking, and he just loves Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and the church and the Book of Mormon and, and, and... He was ready for baptism before we ever got here!  All we gotta do is get him off the smokes and we're good to go!  Flippity flip! That has been our week! Miracles everywhere!!!

I was almost sure that those stories you hear from other missionaries were Myths! But no!!   They're a real thing because I saw them!!

Also... may I add that the person I prayed to have as my companion since I found out Sis. Olsen was leaving... will be joining me down here in Monte Vista for her last transfer!! Happy days!! So, so, so many miracles this week! I can barely believe it!

I was so terrified of staying here in this area! I was worried that it was the first time I would be the one who knows the area. Usually I come in to an area and the person there shows me around and then I leave.... not this time.  But as of late, I've just fallen in love with the people here and the area! I just love it! I'm so excited to be here for at least another 3 months, since Sis Decker will be leaving next transfer, so I get to stay again! Woot woot! I just love the people here and the fact that their potential to change is so huge. If some of the people we are teaching were to be baptised that would mean such a huge change in their lives! We don't get to decide who deserves the gospel!

So yeah!

Wonderful week! Been so freaking great!

I love this work so much.   I'm almost half way through. That breaks my heart! I dread the day when I have to take my name tag off for the last time!!
I could just stay here forever!!


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