Monday, April 13, 2015

Tackling double duty - head on!!

Monday after e-mails... we totally just spent the afternoon playing Volleyball. We didn't want to do shopping knowing that we'd be moving and have to carry all our crap with us! (Can I still say crap?) (twice?)
After volleyball we had two appointments, and my companion got to say goodbye to some people, and then home to pack like our lives depended on it... I hate packing! It was sad spending the last night in the apartment!... And in our companionship!
And so their companionship comes to an end :(

Tuesday we decided to go have lunch with the Sisters from 15th ward for the last time that it'd be us four! We met one of our investigators there too since she wanted to say goodbye to Sis Aukuso.
Sisters from the 15th Ward

After and before that we had just been packing !!!! Then we got a ride with Sis Grow and Sis Hall to the transfers meeting. Both Sis Aukuso and  Sis Hall were going to be Sister Training Leaders and then Sis Grow and I became companions, covering two areas because we're boss like that! #skillz!
New companion - Sis. Grow

Transfers are so much better when it's not you in front of everyone being all new and stuff! Haha!!

After transfers we went and had dinner together... Sis Grow, Sis Aukuso, Sis Bates (Sis Aukuso's new comp) and I! It was nice! It's funny because Sis Bates trained Sis Grow, and  Sis Aukuso trained me... so our trainers are companions and we're companions. Lol... that was a useless little fact!

Later we went to Mutual in the 6th ward, and Volleyball with a less active member and others from Ridgeview ward! Busy busy!

Wednesday we spent most of the time packing because the 6th ward Sisters had been staying with one sister but were due to move to another member's house on the Wednesday. So we packed up Sis Grow's stuff and moved it, then we went for lunch with a member, then we went and loaded the car with all my stuff and moved it in.  We had appointments afterward... then we had dinner and then some more teaching appointments! It's good to be so busy!
Busy bees!!

Thursday we started the day at the library doing extra study. We're allowed a certain amount of time every week to study online which is awesome so we can print out talks and stuff like that!
After the Library we went to lunch and then straight to lessons!! After our lessons we went to a Relief Society activity and had food... happy days! After that we went and taught more lessons, as well as visiting a member where a missionary sister was who was travelling with her parents before going home was visiting, so we got to say goodbye to her.

Friday we started with district meeting which was kinda weird since the whole district was so different! After the meeting we all went as a district and did some service. We helped a sister do her garden and her garage... While the sister was taking a whole load of stuff to Goodwill some of us stayed in the back yard and ... may or may not have played on the cars that are totally kid sized.. Then we played baseball until one of the Elders hit the ball away... Then we played touch rugby... although one of the Elders forgot the no tackling part of that and I went flippin' flying! It was hilarious!!
She got her rugby skills from her Dad

After service we were straight back in to lessons. We stopped by a less active member from Ridgeview and then had dinner with a family from 6th ward and then a lesson with a recent convert from Ridgeview! BUSY! I love being so busy!
Then home to schleeep!!

Saturday started off with a baptism... it was pretty cool because someone that we had planned to visit from Ridgeview, but haven't been able to set up an appointment with... (so I've never met her)... was at the baptism at 6th ward! So we got to talk to her and set up an appointment! It was awesome!  One of our investigators was having a hard day so we went and bought her a smoothie and dropped it off for her on our way to visit a family who were in town for a few days clearing out their parent's house.. sad.

After that we went to the chapel to get some planning in so we can fit in both wards in our week! When we had finished our planning we went and got pizza and candy so we could be ready for the Superbowl with the kids! It went really well! Lots of youth showed up and 2 sets of Elders came as well, which was great cuz one of the kids said he wanted missionaries to come play! There was a trophy and everything!! It was great! We had an awesome lesson and then played football and soccer together!! Following the Superbowl we had a lesson in 6th ward, then a dinner with the Winklers and another lesson in 6th ward! And we still made it home in time for a nice jog!!  Flipping sweet!!!

Sunday.... Double duty Sunday!

Church started in 6th ward at 9am! One of our investigators joined us! She loved it!  After church finished at 12 we hopped in the car and went to Ridgeview for church at 1pm! Luckily we were on our best behaviour because the Mission President and his wife were there! Haha.
After church we had another lesson with the kids! After the lesson we had dinner with a family and a really awesome lesson with them! Then we headed over to another member's house where we taught a non- member friend of theirs!After that we headed over to another sister and shared a message with her and made it home in time for a meeting.... I shall say nothing of that meeting! lol
This companionship is sure to be a 'hit'

And looky looky! Here we are... back to Monday, a whole week later!

This week has been great! I love how busy we are and how much we are able to get done with a car! I'm going to miss biking and will probably get huge but the work is good and I love it!!

The church is true!!!!

Love you all! byeee


  1. You go girl!!! You must be an awesome missionary because they gave you 2 wards to work in. And may I say that you guys are all beautiful, inside and out! And doing double the workload, you'll probably not have time to eat a lot, so don't worry about the weight!!!! Ha Ha!! Enjou and love you lots. Tish

  2. Enjoy not enjou:( Do you realise you've been there 104 days already!!!!!!!!?