Monday, April 20, 2015

By His Grace - In the Right Place at the Right Time

Jakob 4:7 Desnieteenstaande, die Here God toon aan ons ons swakheid, dat ons mag weet dat dit deur sy genade is, en sy groot neerdalendhede aan die kinders van mense, dat ons mag het om hierdie dinge te doen. ( Book of Mormon Jacob 4:7)

This week has been amazing!  We have had so so so much work to do that I won't, or rather have no time, to give details about all of the lessons that we taught! We taught 22 lessons this week as well as putting in a couple hours here and there of service... and going to the Chiropractor... Flip! Weirdest feeling ever! But yeah! Busy week!

My companion, Sister Grow and I have fun together. We work too... I promise!
Sis. Botts and Sis. Grow

We taught Seminary this week again! It's so much fun! I love teaching Seminary!

We also had Exchanges this week! I stayed in our area and Sis Glew came here! We had a good day! None of our plans went as they should have but it was a good day!

Sis. Botts and Sis Glew

As we were stopping by a less active member... she turned us down and we were heading back to the car when from down the road we hear "Sister missionaries!! I need you! I'm so glad to see you! I prayed for help and here you are!" Haha it was a less active sister that we had been planning on visiting later in the day. She needed help with a very high ladder and a very heavy mirror... I was so happy! Haha I love that kinda stuff! So we went in and helped around there and then shared a short message with her!
High on a ladder top!

The rest of the exchange went well too!

Another night we went to visit a sister and she had a bunch of light bulbs that needed changing! Happy days! I will take anything that I can get! Haha even changing light bulbs! :)

This week we also got to do some gardening and help a sister from another ward move some stuff.
I love hard physical work!! I miss it sometimes!
This week has just been full of situations where we find ourselves in the right place at the right time!

We were visiting with one man on his doorstep and we had passed the home of someone I thought I knew... I couldn't remember if it was the right house or not, when Sis Grow said... 'Let's stop at that guy', it was someone they'd spoken to before. As we were finishing  talking with him, the lady that I thought lived at the house across the road came home! So we got to visit with her for a little bit too! If we hadn't stopped at the dude's house we would have missed her! Schweet!

So it was a very busy and productive and fun day!

Saturday night we mixed almost an entire gallon of milk with the chocolate milk powder I got from Mom!   We were only using the milk for that anyway so it seemed smart!  It was the night before Sis Grow's birthday so we sat drinking chocolate milk out of very tiny cups!! It was great .... 21 and 25 years old, and there we are giggling on the floor drinking tiny cups of chocolate milk!!

Chocolate Nesquik in tiny cups

Sunday we had Ward Council at 7am... and then church from 9 til 12 and from 1 til 4... We were so tired by 3:30 that we had to go home and take a quick nap before our dinner and lessons in the evening! But it's a good kind of tired because we know we worked hard this week!


We have a Baptismal date set! May 16th! We had a lesson with our new investigator at 10 am on Saturday morning and she wants to be baptised! Awesome! She's so lovely, and excited about the gospel! We are excited for her!

So all in all it's been an amazing week!!

We also found out that the apostle coming to our mission conference is

dun dun dunnnnn

Elder Holland!
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland - Member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles


Although they all hold the same priesthood... so it doesn't really matter who comes. They would all have told us the same thing!

But I'm excited!

Have a great week!!

Die Kerk van Jesus Christus van die Heiliges van die Laaste Dae is die enigste kerk op die aarde wat 100% waar is! Ek weet dit! Ek weet dat die  Priesterskap waardeur Jesus gedoop was is dieselfde Priesterskap wat ons nou in hierdie Kerk het!! Wonderlik!!!
Today we baptize with the same Priesthood authority that Jesus was baptized with


Love you all! The Church is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Jy skryf baie suiwer Afrikaans!! I am going to drink some Nesquick Choc milk now. You kids always drank Nesquick when you stayed with us during holidays. Enjoy and keep up the good work.

  2. We are loving being able to share these moments with you. Love you HUGELY ! ! ! ! !