Monday, March 9, 2015

The Root Canal of All Evil

Another week gone... what?!  This is crazy!
So this week was rather eventful!  We decided to do some tracting on Tuesday before one of our appointments. We knocked about 6 doors and then we came to one door that had a note on it about how the people living there were trying to get their dog to stop barking and sorry for the noise... We almost walked past it but I decided, Let's knock it! So we knocked. Out came this guy, 21 years old who was just so super appreciative of us coming by. We talked a lot about Heavenly Father and Jesus. There were a lot of things that we agreed on and then a lot of differences too, but it was a really enjoyable talk. His wife was at work so we didn't get to talk to her but we had a really good talk. We were there standing outside for almost an hour! It was super!!

Wednesday. Man!!! Wednesday was busy!  It had just snowed again on Tuesday night and so we had to walk for the day. We had an early appointment and a 1 hr walk to get there so we studied and left asap!  We managed to have 5 set appointments that day! It was so nice to be too busy to do anything but teach!! Loved it! We taught some really great people!
So... Thursday was eventful! I had some teeth issues that needed taking care of and so I had a dentist appointment for 7am! Luckily the sisters who live in our complex said they'd give us a ride!   On the way there we got in to a wee car accident! All was good. Just a little damage to the other car. We weren't going fast, just slid on the ice when we braked... so that delayed the appointment at the dentist a bit! Luckily they still took me and took care of my filling that had come out... only to realise that the pain wasn't actually coming from a missing filling but from the tooth next to it... The dentist that originally fixed that tooth drilled too deep and went into the nerve... so happy birthday to me.. I need a root canal. So that's on tomorrow's agenda! Greeeat! Kill me now!!

So... then I get home... I get out of the car and hear these men's voices singing "happy birthday" My first thought is... "aww cute... someone else has a birthday too" only to turn around and head up to the apartment and see two missionaries, our district leader and his companion, standing with a massive plate of Pumpkin cookies (because I LOVE anything Pumpkin related) and a card singing to me... that's not all... as they're singing they're filming it... and here's me, picture it now! Walking up the stairs half smiling... I say "half" because the other side of my face was numb and limp!!! and I'm like.. awww guys! You're so sweet but you have to stop filming! Look at my face! It's awful!  Please don't film my face. Hahaha  yes. It was great! I was so grateful, it was so sweet but my face was... well... I looked terrible!

Cookies and card from the Elders

After that we got ready to go visit the the man we recently baptised and his wife. We love them so much!  They ended up taking us for Chinese because it was my birthday! Then when we got home they had a cake for me!! And gifts! It was so nice and sweet!
Birthday Cake #1

We spent some time there before our next appointment. One of the sisters of the ward was coming to pick us up from there. She took us to Chinese too... and there were like a butt load of members from our ward there... and balloons and gifts and a cake!.. It was crazy. No one's ever made such a big deal out of my birthday. It was so sweet! I really enjoyed it!
Birthday Cake #2

Then we went and visited a sister who had recently had surgery! We sat with her and talked until it was time for our dinner appointment so we headed off to that. One of the sisters made a roast dinner because it was my birthday... and then another recently baptised sister was there too and made an awesome cake too!! 3 BIRTHDAY CAKES!!!!
Birthday Cake #3
It was awesome! And then it was the end of the day. Crazy!

Friday we had a zone meeting. That was cool... until people sang happy birthday again... Mortified!!
After zone meeting we went and helped a sister with her curtains and taught some lessons.  Seemed like a quiet day compared to the previous days!

Saturday we had a training conference call... so you know how I hate talking on the phone... of course I loved this.


All the missionaries who came out with me and their companions had to do like a conference call with the APs and the Mission president. I still hate talking on the phone...
but we found out that in May we will be having a mission conference and one of the 12 apostles is gonna be there... so that's pretty cool right?!

After that finished we had a day full of appointments again! We went and helped a sister move some things in her home and then taught a lesson, then we went and had lunch. After lunch we went and helped another sister move some furniture around in her home,  had a lesson and then had dinner with our recently baptised sister and headed home just in time!

I am mad at daylight savings time... because it may save daylight but it wastes sleep!  We had one less hour of sleep and we felt it hahaha!! But it was ok! We still managed to go to choir practice and then go and visit a less active member and the got to church at 1 and finish at 4, have a lesson at 4:30 and a dinner appointment at 6... so we kept ourselves busy and alive. Our dinner appointment was with a couple who've recently moved into the ward. They're really nice. We like them. They're probably about our age, which is cool.

Aaaaaand that... has been my week so far! I shall talk to you all again next week if I don't die from my root canal tomorrow.

Is that possible?

Could I die from that??

Goodbye cruel world!

Sister Botts.


  1. Wow! Christi is certainly going to put on weight...Imagine 3 cakes for her birthday and how many meals?????Wow! she certainly hit the jackpot....

  2. I do not think that a root canal will kill you, but a bad toothache will! The root canal will keep you from getting an infection, which could certainly put you in the hospital, or worse. I hope you recover quickly. I wish you well and I really enjoy hearing stories of your teachings. It is amazing how many people that you help each week.