Monday, March 23, 2015

A Real Live Wire!!!

So last Monday was so so hot!!
Then we spent Tuesday with our heads in the clouds... Literally! There was just this massive cloud all over town for the whole day! We had to ride our bikes in the middle of the day with our lights on! Crazy! We went and visited a sister in a retirement home... didn't even realise it was Paddy's Day until we sat down for lunch there and they started playing Irish music and a man came out dressed as a leprechaun dancing around the gaff! So of course we ate all kinds of green lookin' stuff haha! We also had corned beef and cabbage... which was great!  I love food too much!  As we were sitting eating I heard a lady talking in what sounded like the thickest Dublin accent ever... so I walked over and asked her where she was from.. I was right, Dublin!! When I told her I had been in Cork for 14 years she gave me the biggest hug ever!! She was so happy! We ended up just talking about Irish stuff, and the two other people at the table with her were asking us to say all sorts of things... I'll admit that when I said those things I put on an accent... becasue let's be honest, that's what they wanted to hear! Hahaha but it was fun! I loved it!
Paddy's Day basket from Sis. Knebel

Wednesday... we had exchanges..... my favourite.. NOT.  It wasn't bad. I went with Sister Wheatley but I was kind of freaking out because this time I was staying in my area and I was worried that I wouldn't know what I was doing or where to go... it was fine though! The day went well and I enjoyed it.  It even rained!! It felt so good!
Selfies on the bike

On Thursday our lunch appointment turned into a breakfast one, so we had to leave the house to be at breakfast for 9am. We had waffles... mmmm so good.  They have Chocolate flavoured whipped cream in a can! Cray Cray! So good! After that we had our weekly planning since we couldn't do it on Wednesday because we had exchanges... after that we had dinner with a member before going to the Relief Society activity.

Sunrise over Colorado Springs
We got up an hour early because we had to leave our house by 6:30 to make it to Seminary in time! Yup! We taught Seminary! It was great!  We taught 2 classes back to back in the morning, and then one in the afternoon! I really enjoyed it! Although we taught the same lesson to each class, every one went so differently because of the different types of people in the class! In our first class one girl DREW US! And it's so good! I was like awww.. this is awesome!
But yeah.. LOVED teaching seminary!   Between the Seminary classes we also had District meeting and a picnic with a non member in the 11th ward. She lives just across the road from the chapel. She made fried chicken! Mmm so good!
Then we did some tracting on our way to our dinner appointment! Since it's the start of Spring break they had pizza as something fun for the kids!  After dinner we taught a lesson on the Plan of Salvation using finger puppets... the fingers being our spirits and the puppets being our bodies! That was cool!  And then we went for a walk with the family on their  way to drop us off at home!

We started Saturday off going to help a sister move some stuff before we taught her a lesson... The moving ended up being a bit more work than we thought, and we ended up being there for a while. She needed some cables moved and rewired.... this made me super dooper happy!! I was so happy just chillin' there on the floor with a screwdriver! Who needs a drill for a cement wall when you have ridiculous biceps like mine?.... I kid, I kid... although I didn't need a drill... and I stole a pull up bar from the Elders so maybe some day... hahaha yeah right!!  But after we finished all that we had a lesson with her and her friend.
After that we visited with our recent convert and his wife. We had no dinner appointment so they fed us! They're so great! We really love them... not just because they feed us though! We had a lesson with them and then we had another lesson with a recent convert at the chapel. It was good! And then home!! Zzzzz

Sunday... Quiet day. but a good day.
We went to choir as usual, and then stopped by some less active members on our list before heading off to church. After church we went straight to a member's house, the Knebels... they're pretty awesome!  They have a son serving a mission and so, as a way to invite non members to meet the missionaries in their home, they had a "Pies and Ties" night where there were lots of pies to eat and everyone brought a tie to send to their son. We got to talk to 4 of their neighbours which was nice. Also... pie is nice.  Always!
So that was our Sunday!

Then... so far today....
We woke up at 5 am and went for a hike in one of the mountains... it was so beautiful! I could have stayed there all day if it wasn't for needing to be back in time for morning studies!! It was so beautiful! It reminded me of being in South Africa!!!  LOVE IT!!
High on the Mountain Top - Literally

Because 7200ft on top of a mountain isn't quite high enough!!

And that, thus far, has been my week.

Something I learned this week... if you're gonna ask Heavenly Father for help with something.... you better be prepared for that help.

Something I haven't told people is how terrified I am of praying in public. TERRIFIED!!!!! So I finally asked Him to help me with this.... Then I get asked to pray in District meeting, then on our way somewhere else I get a text from the Zone leaders asking me to pray in Zone conference... AAAH! Then at church one of the Bishopric comes up to me and asks me to say the closing prayer in sacrament meeting...   I just had to laugh... I was horrified haha... so Zone conference tomorrow...

So yes... if you ask for help... be ready!! Hahahaha

Well.... that's it for now I guess!


Make good choices and all that jazz!

Love Sister Botts

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