Monday, March 30, 2015

Celestialy Clean Plonker

Monday we played volleyball for P-day which was great! Played it all day until 6pm when we had a dinner appointment and a lesson. It was one of the Elders in our districts birthday  so we brought him a pie with candles in and a card and a bunch of us sang to him! It was cool!
Pie for Elder Migi's birthday

Tuesday we had zone conference!... Guess what ma!!! GUESS WHAT!!!!!  I... yes me, Christi Leigh Botts got a certificate and chocolate, (the more important part) for celestial cleanliness! That's right... I'm a tidy person now apparently!
Zone conference was great! I learned a lot from it but I kinda wished that we had been out teaching instead... it was like 2 days in a row with minimal appointments. Sad. Nevertheless, it was a great day and I loved it!
Sisters at Zone Conference

Wednesday we had weekly planning for the first few hours of the day and then we filled the day with lessons and service! We had no dinner appointment and so when we went to teach the Winklers, they fed us too. They're such wonderful people!! Seriously!
We taught the kids again! It was good, I love teaching them and seeing them grow. We taught the Law of Chastity though... which is super not fun to teach to kids... but luckily we managed a kid friendly version which went well!  I love those kids!

Thursday started out with the potential to be an amazing day... but then again all days do! We had a day full of appointments and things to day... but then some of those were cancelled, still, it was a good day and we were able to teach many lessons, we again had no dinner so we ended up being cheeky and getting Chinese... mmm. So good!
After dinner it was one of our sister's from the ward's birthday and so we went to have cake with her and see how she was doing. It was a good day! I'm slowly learning that the success of the day is not always measured in how many lessons you taught... but how many people you've helped come closer to Christ regardless of whether you were able to sit down and teach, or not.

Friday we had District meeting to start the day off and then a bunch of us had lunch together. After that we went and stopped by a sister who is not active in the Church. We had a good visit with her out in the sun on her lawn chairs. It was great! She is a lovely woman! Later we headed back to the Winklers to do some service before dinner! With them we watched the new #becausehelives video! I feel like I should feel guilty for not liking this year’s one as much as I liked last year’s one!

Then we biked over and met with another sister and visited with her before heading home... We made it home in 25 minutes... the first time I did that trip it took over an hour!! I'm getting there!

Saturday we started the day by visiting a sister who has been less active for quite a while. She lives in a retirement home, the same one we visited for Paddy's day! It was a great visit and she was so eager to learn and be reminded of the things of the Gospel! We helped her move some things around and organise her paperwork. We ended up going and having lunch with her! It was a great afternoon. She's a lovely lady and very funny. After only 2 visits we really love her!
After we left her we headed over to visit another sister and her husband... as we finally got to the top of the hill that they live on and found the house, we were just in time to say goodbye to them as they headed out for the day! But we were able to bike around and contact the neighbours of another one of the members. He'd asked us to talk to some of them.  After we had done that we went to change so we could go and help a lady move. We had met her while looking for someone else. She was carrying a couch down some stairs and we stopped her and helped, then we found out she was pregnant. She told us she was planning on moving and we gave her our card and told her to call us if she needed help... so Friday we received a call from her and arranged to go help her with 4 other elders.  When we met her boyfriend he recognized Sister Aukuso and I from helping at the Marion House soup kitchen. He is the chef there! Small world eh!! So yeah! That was great!

Before that though... I managed to slice my hand open in a... shall we call it a biking accident? When one hears biking accident once would assume I must have fallen off my bike right?
The offending article


Being the plonker that I am... I managed to fall ON!!! Yes... ON my bike while I wasn't even riding it!!  The handle bar swung around and the wheel knocked my feet out of under me and I fell on my bike and sliced my hand open with some unknown bike part!

In other news I had to fix my bike’s back brakes this week because with all the mud and crap something happened and they stopped working 100%... luckily I'm a genius and stuff and could fix it!

After service we went and watched the Women's Broadcast... it was... honestly, I didn't love it. But there were some really good things in there... somewhere hahaha!!!

One of the sister missionaries that lives in our complex goes home in 2 transfers and found out that she would be training for those two last transfers... so Sister Aukuso and I decided that since neither of the companionships had a dinner appointment on Saturday night, we were going to have a "baby shower" for her!  We had balloons and silly string and pizza... it was good. Sometimes as missionaries you also gotta take care of other missionaries ya know! So we had a good evening eating pizza and planning for our new comer! :)  Exciting stuff!
The 'Baby Shower' to celebrate the new Sister that will be joining them

Sunday started off with Ward Council and the choir!

After that we made our way to the chapel and talked with members before church started.

After church we had an appointment with the Kids again! :) Their home teachers came with too, and they brought their two sons along. It was great! We had a recap of all the things they've been learning, and they remembered them so well. Then we planned our Superbowl game that we're going to have as our final lesson! It went really well... I just love those kids so much!! They're adorable!

We had no dinner appointment...again.... and so we decided to try and see as many people as possible before breaking our fast... We stopped by a less active sister who lives in the same area as the kids. Then we walked about a mile or so and stopped by a man who is also less active but has an 8 year old daughter he wants to have taught and baptized. We got to know them and made plans to go back and teach. We then stopped and talked to a lady who was outside building a cabinet. She was really nice and we had a good talk with her. After that we saw another less active family, we spoke to them a bit before they headed out for dinner, and then on our way home we stopped by one last person and had a good talk with them and made plans to visit again! It was a good day! Although we didn't teach a trillion lessons, we were productive and felt like we really had a good evening before heading home to break our fast with left over pizza!!! Then we attempted to bake cupcakes... the first ones were crap because we didn't have the little paper cups... they came out better this morning though... I have missed baking!

The first batch was a FLOP!!!

Banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! Mmm.... guess what we had for breakfast! hahahaha

Well, this has been my week....  it's been a good one!

The church is true!
If you get nothing else from reading this than to know that the church is true... then so be it!!! 

My prayers are answered on a daily basis! I see Heavenly Father blessing me and those around me constantly!!

If I know nothing else, I know that this church is TRUE!!

Love you all!

Sister Botts.


  1. what a great example you are to all of us just be youself and remember to have some fun

  2. Well here we go again. Christi, I opened a Google+ account, I am now a Blogger and what else I do not know. Just to comment on your blog and not just on your FB. Love you lots, and your blogs should be read by everyone, because you are such an inspiration to us all!! YOU give me hope for the future! Enjoy and be happy! Lots of Love Tish