Monday, March 16, 2015

Flying High!!!

So... after emailing last Monday we were super Dorky and played Pathfinder with some members from the 15th ward.... it's like Dungeons and Dragons... and it wasn't terrible. It was kinda fun.  Dorky, but fun!

Tuesday... well Tuesday was somewhat of a fail for missionary work. I had to have a root canal and thought that dentist at 7:30 and our first appointment of the day at 10:30 would be fine... and I'm sure I could totally have handled it if I needed to, but our appointment cancelled, and my companion thought I looked and seemed high after the root canal so she sent me to sleep before our 1 pm appointment... I did feel kinda weird... maybe cuz someone just drilled halfway up my face haha!! So I woke up and was ready to go out for our next appointment when we got a call and she had to cancel... so we were gonna go out and see some people, but when we started biking the cold was killing my stupid face... so we stayed in and cleaned our apartment for inspections the next day, and then we went to our dinner appointment.   It was a weird day.  I'm so not used to relaxing any more. I just wanna work!

Wednesday! We had a day full of appointments again! Woohoo! Work! We spent the day teaching and then did some service for a friend of a member. I installed fire alarms in the rest of her house... it's not exactly hard. Drill hole, insert batteries, test. But let's pretend I'm a hero and I saved an old lady's life, okay?
She made us the most amazing food! It was like eating at a Chinese restaurant!  So good!

Yummy home cooked Chinese

Thursday my companion went to the temple with a group of missionaries who had all reached their half way mark. So while they were in Denver, I was on exchanges with the Sisters from the 6th ward. It was cool... but kinda weird not knowing where I was hahaha. Also being in a car makes it so easy to forget stuff... At one stage I got out and we went tracting and I realised I didn't even have my bag... what am I even doing with my life?   So that's already 2 days where there were no  missionary lessons in our ward... sad!

Friday. we had District Meeting and more lessons! We managed to still teach as many lessons this week as we do usually in a full week, even though we had 2 days where we didn't teach. So we worked our butts off a bit this week.  Not literally though... I wish!

Saturday we started off with a way early appointment but it was nice, sunny and warm. Then we went to the Primary Easter activity and the kids were writing letters to missionaries from the ward so we were talking to them about all the things we do and how much we love getting letters... Hint Hint! ... After that we had a whole load more appointments... like I said, we had some catching up to do! We were then really early for our dinner appointment and so decided to go and walk on a bit of the trail near their house and see if we could talk to anyone who was out enjoying the sun.  There was no one walking anymore. Then this one man walks past with his dog. We say hi. He says hi. We ask how his day is going. He says good.  Then he says "so you're LDS?' So we're like... yes we are. He asked what ward we're from... which is generally a good indicator that someone is either a member  or good friends with a member.  He turned out to be a less active member from our ward who hadn't been contacted in aaaaaaaages! He was really nice and talked to us for a while. His dog was so cute!  We got his number and he asked if we could all have dinner. Schweet!! How perfect that we were early and decided to take a walk on that trail!!

After dinner we were picked up by one of the sisters who is a recent convert . She's so great and we love her. We went to Sonic to get milkshakes. I decided if I'm buying us milkshakes then they weren't gonna be crappy small ones... so I go large.

Big mistake!

Those things are flippin' huge!!! I hadn't even finished a quarter of it by the time our hour of teaching was up and we had to head home!!  Crazy!! So big!! But they were half price after 8 so it's totally
Go Large or Go Home

Sunday!  So sunny!! We managed to fit in our Ward Council and choir and a visit to a newly moved in member all before church started!! It feels so good to be productive!!  After Church we had another lesson with those kids I keep talking about lol! It was slightly scattered but all good. Then we had dinner with a couple who are about to leave to serve their mission in Palmyra, New York!!  They made me homesick for South Africa because they had a big picture of a Lilac Breasted Roller in the kitchen. And when I named it they were like WHAT?! You're the only person to ever walk in here and know what that is. Then they showed me their book of pictures from seeing South Africa and being in the Kruger Park. And the fact that where their house is looks just like it could be in the Park didn't help haha! After dinner we finished the night off visiting the Winklers, our mission parents!  They're amazing!

And now we're here!! About 7 hours later than usual but the day was so nice we couldn't waste it! We spent the morning in the Air Force Academy!

Air Force Academy

It's pretty awesome! Some members from the 11th ward took 8 of us missionaries there and then bought us lunch!! Such kind people! They're about to go to South Africa and the Kruger Park! JEALOUS!

ALSO... we've been told that in May there is a Mission Conference and there will be one of the Apostles here... but they don't know who yet. Gaah. Suspense!!!  My money's on L. Tom Perry... and by money I mean not money. Obviously.  But that's pretty exciting! It's funny because other people are wishing for certain ones that they're never seen yet... I think it's hilarious! It's like pokemon... Gotta catch 'em all or something!! I'm wondering if anyone's gonna be disappointed when he walks in and it's someone they've already met and it's so sad for them because they already have a picture with that apostle on their wall... ah. People are funny. I laugh.
Chapel at the Air Force Academy

It's been a beautiful sunny week!!  I love it here and kind of never want to come home... sorry hahaha!

Email me for heaven's sake!!!

Have a good week! Byee!! :)

Love sister Botts

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