Monday, February 2, 2015

Sister Botts and the Parable of the Soggy Glove

This week was pretty awesome!! So many little miracles. I'll start on Tuesday.

We had exchanges, I spent Monday night at the other apartment with Sister Fisher. She was my companion for Tuesday. We did some stops and visited some people. (The thought of exchanges horrified me! Seriously! Now I have to talk to MORE people I've never met!! Agh! Cry, cry cry.) Anyway...

We had had lunch with a sister and then decided to drop by another sister for a reason I'm unsure of since I knew no one in that area.

As we went to see this sister she was very nice and kind and gave us some pineapple! It was so goood! (The pineapple is in no way pertinent to my story but I like food... so it's in there!)

As we're sitting there chatting, pickling our tongues with pineapple, this sister mentions that there was supposed to be a new sister who just came in to the mission from Springville Utah... and I'm like well I don't think so because I came in with the new people and there was no one from Springville there... then suddenly she just pointed at me and said "it's you!" and then straight away I knew that she must know the Condies! Haha crazy right! She had seen their pic with me in the MTC on Facebook! How mental is that, that on the day of exchanges I would happen to go with to visit her! HA! So that was super fun!
Little Miracles

We finished off the evening teaching some more lessons. I loved it, despite dying inside from being generally socially awkward!

The rest of the week was somewhat quiet. We worked and taught and ate and walked and biked and walked and walked and biked.. and died a little! These hills are killing me!


One of the killer hills!!!

Saturday came and Saturday was a good day! A big day! One of our investigators was getting baptized! Didn't take him long to decide... only about FIFTY YEARS!!! Hahaha. He and his wife are such wonderful people. They're like our mission parents! So kind and loving. So Saturday we spent most of the day at the Chapel. We kept the water in the font warm, and made brownies for afterwards. There was such a huge turn out! It made me happy! Plenty of food too... that also made me happy. Very happy!

Baptized after 50 years!!!
New best friend, Griffin

After the baptism we had to decide whether we'd go straight back to their house and celebrate together or if we'd go out and work some more and then go out to dinner with them. We decided on the latter and got to work in the snow. Biking in the snow is cray cray! little icicles flying into your eyes as you speed down a hill... I mean... slowly and carefully drive down a hill... don't worry mom. 

Biking in the snow
As we were going about looking for specific houses of people who were members we just couldn't find the one house. Nowhere!! 

And here comes the parable of the Soggy Glove….

So as we're walking, looking for this seemingly non-existent house I look down and realise that I've lost a glove. Normally I'd never turn and go look for it but it was flippin' freezing and I knew I'd need it! So around we turned and headed back to where we had just come from... suddenly a lady comes out of one of the apartments with a bag of rubbish in her hand. We said hi, she ignored us.. maybe? Maybe she didn't hear us? We said hi again… nothing.

Then as we rounded the corner she crossed it and calls out "which ward are you sisters from?" So we told her... surprised that she knew who we were! We asked her if she was a member. She told us that she had been baptized a year and a half ago and was just in the area visiting her son and had just come out from baring her testimony of the church to him and he had agreed to go to church with her on Sunday!! What! So she was excited to see the missionaries who were in the area.. ie us! And then as I told her that we were actually supposed to be somewhere else but I had lost my glove and we wouldn't have met any other way, and she had said that she'd just randomly decided to take out her son's rubbish, or else she'd have just gotten in her car and driven away.. we all got a little... no, I'm not saying it. I am not a crier!

Anyway, we ended up giving her our card with a number so that if her son enjoyed church he could give us a call and we could meet and tell him more. We also got to know the general area of where he lives so we could maybe one day just pop by and say hello.

So we said our goodbyes and carried on looking for that glove. Finally we found it. Lying on the wet road, all soggy and gross... but I was so grateful for that soggy glove! It made me realise that sometimes God gives us soggy gloves that help us to get to something super important and awesome but sometimes we just see it as a soggy glove and not for the blessings that it brought!

So there. there is my parable of the Soggy Glove

It's dried up nicely now though! They always do!

I forgot to mention that last week at some stage we went for ice cream... Italian ice- cream. So goood.... And while 4 of us sister missionaries were waiting in line to order, this family paid for our ice cream!! How awesome is that!

Ah the blessings!

And that so far has been my week!!

Until next time!

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  1. So fantastic. Love her little miracles. If we could only see them happening to us every day. We have them all the time but we are so busy that sometimes we don't even notice. The gospel is wonderful.I love my Saviour.