Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow, Bunnies and Bears

Sis. Botts and Sis Aukuso
Snow and more snow
So after I last emailed and planned to bike for the day... we went outside of the library into some freshly falling snow! It was so pretty! We ended up visiting a bunch of people but not biking home, and walking our bikes home instead because it was so snowy and foggy! That whole night and all of the next day snow just bucketed down. We spent all of Wednesday walking through the snow to visit people. Despite almost landing on my not yet shrunken butt a few times, I was still just super happy because.. SNOW!!! Of course this meant we'd be walking for a few days because we can't ride in the snow...well we can but I value my life far too much to attempt it!

This place is so PMS! By Thursday it was sunny and hot, and we ended up, once again, shovelling Snow in our T-Shirts. But I Love it! The mountains all around are just Wunderbar! Seriously! Saturday we eventually got the courage to bike around again and even though I was pretty much dying because I'm less fit than a 90 year old dead woman. It was still just so awesome because the view is great!! And also.. I'll admit, it's kinda fun when you're riding over a wee bit of snow and it's like... oh crap I might die!!... oh no wait, I made it!

View from apartment balcony

Icicles everywhere

The hill on the way to church - not yet biked
 It might make some of you happy no know that I haven't completely changed... Friday night we played Volleyball and I, going for the ball, managed to slip and land flat on my back and destroy my elbow. Black and blue for daaays!

ALSO!!!!! There are Bunnies flipping hopping everywhere!!! And... as we left Church yesterday to visit some more people we walked past a bunch of wild deer just chillin' on the side of the road! Sweet!! I feel like I'm a little bit in the Game reserve sometimes! sometimes it even smells like South Africa here!! That's totally a thing...

This week has been like a world travel as far as dinners!! Thursday night we got taken to a German restaurant, Friday we were taken to Mexican and, Saturday this Japanese lady that we've started teaching made us Sushi!! Mmmm the best sushi I’ve ever eaten! For real!!

There have also been sightings of a bear and mountain lions. We haven’t been lucky enough to see either though... or maybe unlucky? Ii imagine that either on foot or on bike we'd probably still be slower than both of them... but I feel like I could take a Mountain Lion right?? Sure I could! I feel like today's post is rather short and not as eventful as having a flight cancelled or anything cool like that but it's been a good week and I'm so happy here

Beautiful sunset

I realise that my grammar and spelling are probably something that I'd cringe at if i saw... but ain't nobody got time fo dat right now!!


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  1. Sounds like an 18 mth holiday..just fantastic.The pics are fab. Hope Christi has an amazing experience.