Tuesday, February 17, 2015

On fire!!! In the work and on her bike!!!


Tuesday we had interviews with the mission president. I had no idea what to expect.

We biked down early to be there in time for our interviews... mine lasted maybe 5 minutes... I just had nothing to complain about. Maybe I should think up something for next time! hehe
Sister Botts and President Rehm

After interviews we biked over with the Elders to help someone from our ward move...

My lovely new dress that I had bought on Monday was so flowy and awesome... and I had visions of myself flying down the hill with the wind in my hair and my dress flowing nicely behind me... ( this is where someone needs to make a meme of "what I imagined vs what really happened")

What I imagined I would look like!!
Because what really happened was… me... riding down the hill, no hair flowing because I have a freaking helmet on! And my dress... is it flowing wonderfully in the wind? No. No it is not. In fact, if you'd like to know what it was doing... it was getting stuck in my back wheel... and having the friction from the wheel burn a hole in the back of it. If I'd have been going any faster I'd have lit up in flames like some sort of failed attempt at being Katniss Everdeen!!!
Katniss Everdeen

So every time you see some glammed up chick on a bike looking great in a magazine, with her hair flowing freely.. first... she's gonna crack her pretty little head open.. and second. Just no. It doesn't work like that.

You're welcome!!!
The offending wheel
So we helped them move... then we had pizza. Mmmmmm pizza. How am I not already sick of pizza? I don't know. But I'm ok with it.
They do eat healthy food sometimes!

Wednesday... we had lunch with one of the sisters in the ward and two sister missionaries, one of whom served here before me and is going home, so it was kind of a goodbye thing. Then the rest of the day was kinda quiet. We just visited homes of people we hadn't seen in a while.

Thursday we taught a bouncy little boy who we'd had trouble teaching before because we just weren't interesting enough for him... the lesson went well. He loves super heroes and so we taught him about Jesus Christ in terms of super heroes. By the end of it he knew that Jesus was like a super hero and that he taught everyone to be nice and love each other. He related back to us how "Baddies" didn't like Jesus and so they killed him, but that because Jesus was a super hero he came back to life and he did that so that we can also come back to life and be super heroes.

We just needed to talk his language haha, and he sat down and listened well and drew pictures. It was good.

Friday was our ward Valentine’s Day activity so my companion and I didn't really think that was somewhere we wanted to go to... but one of our investigators was going and her friend was only getting there an hour late so we went with her. Holy cow. it was like the most amazing activity I've ever been to, and the food... so good!! Like seriously so good! I could eat that brisket all day every day for the rest of my life!! We were really glad that we went because one of our recent converts went too, She's an awesome girl and so it was nice to be able to be there for them. People were so sweet to us. Our recent convert gave us roses and our investigator gave us a card and some chocolates, and then at the end of the night when we needed to get home or be late, instead of letting us bike home a sister took us home and we left our bikes at the chapel. Because we had an appointment early Saturday morning she said she would take us to it... but first she made us breakfast. Waffles! Mmmm. The people here are so good to us!
So Saturday.. we had that breakfast with the sister. It was good, filled us up. After breakfast we went to teach our investigator at the Ice cream shop. It was a good lesson and he asked loads of questions which is good! If you don't ask, you don't learn. That's why I'm kind of glad I was the obnoxious one in class always asking questions when I was younger.
After that we went to our investigator’s house (the one who was at the V-day activity). We did some work in her garden and I fitted and fixed a new fire alarm for her. I forgot how much I loved doing stuff like that. Thanks Dad!
Daddy's girl 
She then took us for lunch. It was goood lunch! Steak burger! Yes please! Ugh. I just love food! (Just as well I have to bike and walk everywhere most days! )

After lunch we went to another sister.. (back to the one who fed us breakfast) to do some service for her... which then ended up being that we made chocolate dipped everythings for some people... and ourselves!

Chocolate dipped 'everythings'

Then we had dinner with another sister and headed home! It was a nice day. I have missed doing manual labour like working in the garden or something!

Heart attack and yummy sweets from the Elders in their building

Sunday... snowy, snowy Sunday. Started off really sunny but windy... so windy that I couldn't really walk properly because the wind was blowing my dress up. And then sometime between getting inside and sacrament meeting finishing... everything was covered in snow! Crazy! The wind was blowing so hard that it blew the snow over us in just over an hour... then it snowed for like 24 hours! But it's sunny again today! We have to wear sunglasses though because it's so bright with the sun and the snow... WOO! Any excuse to wear sunglasses!!
The deer didn't want to hear!!
This is the end of this slightly less eventful week. I did try to teach a family of 10 though. They weren't very receptive, but they were... well... Deer, so I'll give them that.

Love Sister Botts

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