Monday, February 9, 2015

Hard Work Brings Miracles and Blessings

This week was a hard week.

Hard in that we worked our butts off!! Pretty much covered our entire area trying to visit less active members, most of whom never opened their doors.
One of the neighbourhoods they worked in this week

Slightly worried on Friday night, feeling like we hadn't done enough, my companion and I discussed that although there were no direct results from our hard work this week, we would still be blessed for working our hardest and doing as much as we could.

That conversation had barely ended when our phone rang. Some of the other sisters close to us had gone to this place for ice cream. The place we had gone to a few weeks before. They had spoken to one of the people who works there. He's kinda like the manager I guess.

When my companion and I had met him when we went there 3 weeks ago, we had a good, long chat. Business was slow and so he sat down and just talked with us. We had a really good discussion but he made it clear that we was not going to be "converted" because he's actually a youth pastor in his church. We thought that was cool and talked more about that and what he did there. He is a really good man with a great testimony of Jesus Christ. ...

Back to this phone call. So they are telling us that they spoke to him, and he's in our area so it would be us who teach him, I was thinking, 'oh yeah, he's a good man... but he said he wasn't really interested'... and then they tell us that something happened that caused him to question things at his church and he's leaving. He wants us to come over in the morning and talk to him about the church!! What?!

So we left the house earlier than usual in the morning and went to the shop where he works. He had to clean up the floors before opening, so as we discussed the Gospel with him, we helped clean and mop up everything and put the chairs and tables back in their place. Once we had finished, we sat down at a table and continued the lesson. He had a lot of questions but none that we couldn't answer. Not yet anyway!!

We will be teaching him again this coming Saturday!

Accidently co-ordinated outfits when they both had to speak in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday

A recent convert and her little boy
It just goes to show... when you put forth the effort, the Lord will bless you!! Even if it's not directly related to the specific things you were doing. It also shows how He prepares people for us to teach. 3 weeks ago we would never have thought he'd have a desire to learn about the Gospel! How awesome is that!?!

Walking up a long hill on a sunny day all dressed in black!!!

Love Sister Botts. (That's a command, not a greeting)

Two amazing young women


  1. Amazing-the gospel is true and the Lord is with us all the way. So grateful for the gospel and for the fantastic experiences that Christi is having and will have.

  2. We love you HUGELY Sister Botts.
    WE think of you and pray for you often.