Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Colorado Springs - at last!!!

MTC Group

Monday, 12th January. Leaving the MTC... slightly terrified, mainly because I was the designated travel leader and had no idea where I was going... nevertheless we made it to our first train, and then our second, and then checked in our stuff. We had plenty of time at the airport so naturally... we stuffed our faces.

Flights went smoothly until we landed in Denver and waited for our final flight to Colorado Springs. 1 hour delayed, 2 hours delayed, 3 hours delayed... FLIGHT CANCELLED!!!!

We managed to find a phone and contact our Mission president. Then we had to find our luggage... which would usually take 4 hours to get. But first.. more pressing matters... we stuffed our faces once again! mmmm food!

Then off to find our luggage. I spoke to one of the people from the airline and she was really nice, took our names and actually went down to put our bags on the belt so we didn't have to wait 4 hours! Then we had to use the phone again and call the Mission President to find out where to meet him. My companion and another sister went up to ask for the phone while I waited for my bag with another missionary. There was a super rude lady at the desk and she wouldn't let her use the phone... by the time my companion came back I had my bags and so I marched to the front desk, ready to politely tell her some very impolite things... when this gentleman says (after looking at my badge, and inquiring as to why I didn't pray for divine intervention in Colorado Springs) of course you can use the phone, please let us know if we can do anything else for you. I arranged a pick- up area with the Mission President and off we went with our trillion bags to where we were to meet him. Then a man came up with a massive trolley and offered to take our bags and show us where we were to go. Sooooo grateful! Of course he was only working for tips but it was the easiest 10 dollar tip I’ve ever given, I was just so grateful!

Fast forward..... we meet our trainers.. here I am worried about exactly how young my trainer is going to be... She is older than me! Ha how great is that? I knew they chose by inspiration who to put with who, but I wasn't fully aware until I got to our apartment and saw a giant tub of Milo on the fridge... yup!! True revelation that was haha!!
Mmmm Milo

Sis. Aukuso - First Companion
So we've been out teaching people and visiting with less active members all over out area. It's such a beautiful place. I love it!
We are currently teaching a man whose wife is a member and he has been investigating the church for about 15 years or so... never wanted to be baptised though. Until now! :) Awesome!!!

It's super hilly here so I'm sure I'll die today when I start biking. My bike came yesterday! I'm slightly terrified!!

My companion and I plus 2 young women sang at ward conference on Sunday...I wanted to die!!

Yesterday for Preparation day we went to the Olympic Training Center! It was pretty awesome. It's where a lot of the athletes go to train for the Olympics and so on. I guess with the higher altitude, if you're good up here you'll be good anywhere.

At the Olympic Training Center

Speaking of altitude... it's kicking my behind! For real!!! I can't even sing a hymn without gasping like I just ran a marathon...

But it's good!! I'm loving it here and the people are great!


  1. So happy for you. Sounds like a great area and you are going to be very busy. Love you.