Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Early days at the MTC

First things first... London Heathrow... do you know a Brother Stainton that is a temple worker sometimes? Well, I'm sitting on the computer in the airport trying to email you... on my lds mail... then this sister says hey are you a missionary and I'm like yeah... so she just returned from her mission 3 weeks before, Brother Stainton is her grandfather and she's going to Seattle too... so we chatted a bit and talked about missions and stuff... then we say let’s see how far we are seated from each other... her seat ... 37D my seat........wait for it........................37E!!!! What!!! So yeah, we sat together on the flight, calmed me down a bit bearing in mind that I had to take a train to my terminal with all my bags and no trolley, then when I had a trolley for 5 minutes all my bags fell off... then I was slowed down and all that happened managing to get me to check in at the right time to get that seat!! Cray cray!! We land in Seattle and I have 20 minutes to clear Customs, re-check my bags and then catch a train to my terminal to get to SLC. Needless to say I cried all the way through the security line, sure that I would be late, ran, ran, ran from the train... last person let on the flight... so cry, cry, cry on the plane because I was so happy to make it.

As it says we're descending into SLC... Waah!! It just hit me. I was like... what are you doing Christi!!??? What the HECK are you doing?!?!?! So as I come off the flight and down the stairs... the Neeleys are there HAPPY DAYS!!! That was so nice! Mel was so nice and funny and made me feel really comfortable and walked with me in to the MTC building... then I slept!!!

Tears on seeing the Neelys
Mel Howlett and Sister Jayne Neely

Bro. Mike and Sis. Jayne Neely
Safe and sound in the MTC

The next two days were quiet.. just preparing to get started and classes and all!

Friday went to SLC... live session's not all it's cracked up to be!

Had a member lesson on Monday... we had planned a lesson but when we went in to talk to her that wasn't the lesson the Lord had planned... we started talking about FHE for her non-active sister and her kids, and we really felt the Spirit. She then told us her son isn't active really either, and she wanted a solution and she was really excited for it and said she'll email us to follow up so yeah, was on a total high!! Then we taught an investigator.... although we will only find out after we leave if he was legit or actually a member... again went so well we really felt the Spirit and he said he would read the BOM and pray about it and the restoration of the Church... so yeah that was great. Went to bed that night on a huge high, feeling great!! Ready for our Skype member lesson on Tuesday morning.. feeling like I could do anything..... and Tuesday's journal entry started with "I have been rebuked by the Lord" yup... Skype lesson went awful, connection was bad, my companion and I (we are zone sister training leaders too) had to share a computer and a mic and it was just bad, and it totally pruned me back down to my size, humbled me almost instantly!! Today... we went to the Provo Temple and it was nice... but you can tell Gill and Fran that their laundry ain’t got nothing on Preston! I got TWO RIGHT SHOES today hahahaha!!! but it was still nice,, I like Preston more though.

So yeah, I'm learning a lot and having a good time. My companion is cool and so is my district... I definitely need to be humbled a little more "Divine chastening" I guess is what I need haha
With Elder and Sister Condie
MTC companion Sis Ashley Tucker from North Carolina

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  1. Oh it just sounds wonderful. She is going to have an amazing time. Everyone will love her. I am just so envious...Talking of laundry, the laundry room at the MTC is ginormous.lots of love