Monday, November 2, 2015

Tempus Fugit

This Halloween I reached 10 months! I hate that!! It means I only have 8 and a half months left.  This is so depressing!
Today is the start of a new transfer. I get a new companion, Sister Zitting.  I don't know her very well, but she seems really nice. I think she's one of those sisters who works really hard, so I'm excited!! Maybe by the time I leave here I will be so tired from working that I'll be ready to come home.

Probably not though. Let's be honest! haha

I just love it here so much!!
Sis. Botts and Sis. Dekker - last day toghether

Sad thing... I'm probably seeing Sis Aukuso for the last time tomorrow.... so so sad!! I will probably cry! :( But that's ok.  We will live.
First picture with Sis. Aukuso

We have a lot of stuff happening this transfer that is gonna make the time go super fast!! Way too fast! I feel like I always talk about how the time goes too fast.... but it really does!!

Yesterday a family came to church and, I swear, they're just 'boom' prepared to hear the gospel. They had met with missionaries before and were preparing to be baptised but then things got in the way... now that they have moved here... they work with members. It's going to be amazing!

This week has been a little slow... we had some not so fun stuff that we needed to take care of... but it was all good. We got to go to Manassa and make lunch for the sisters there and spend time with them.  We also got to go to the Trunk or Treat... our investigator came with his new wife... who is a member. :)

We got to help out with setting up a Haunted House in a theater... but, boohoo!!! We couldnt be part of it... rules and all that jazz hahaha.  But we heard it was pretty terrifying! So that's good!!
Proof of how much she loves being part of a Haunted House - Halloween 2011

But yeah... it's been a really great week! I've learned some interesting things from the scriptures. Got to spend time teaching and learning from some amazing people...  got to talk about beans and farts with a really old man at the dinner table... it was so funny! I laughed so hard at him! Also got to get rejected by our friend who may have killed people... sad... but you know... life goes on!!!

Well... we are in a new library for today... our one's computers were down... and so our time is very limited... so I shall end here!

 I love you.

I love the work! It makes me so happy!

and as Sister Grow always says
"Work hard, Play hard, Pray hard"

Love you!

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