Monday, November 9, 2015

Born to Succeed

With Sis, Aukuso for maybe the last time
Well well well... another week has passed!! Cray cray!
This week was pretty slow as far as work goes, but it's been good. I got a new companion, Sister Zitting. She is pretty great. I'm excited to work with her in our area! It's going to be good!
New companion - Sis. Zitting

We got to go to the Springs on Tuesday for the transfer meeting... I just love the drive there!! It's always so beautiful!

I got to see Sister Aukuso! so that's always freaking great! I love her so much!! I owe a lot of the way my mission has turned out to her! Sad days that she leaves in 5 weeks!! Waaaaah! haha

But I am still loving the work!   I love the people here so much... Sister Zitting has 2 transfers left so I'm terrified that I'm going to be moved from this area at the end of this transfer.... No!! I don't wanna go!!   Either I leave in 5 weeks or I spend another 4 and a half months... which I am so down with!! I'll have been here for 7 and a half months then if I get to stay... I hope I get to stay!! I'm not going to be done here in 5 weeks!!


Things are good!  Not too much to report this week though...   next week I will have a lot to talk about hahah...

Something that I loved from the little Ensign insert about Elder Scott... he said "Our Heavenly Father did not put us on earth to fail but to succeed gloriously"
Elder Richard G. Scott

I love that... because the plan was always for our success... the only reason that plan could ever fail is if WE deviate from the plan!

When we talk about the "strait and narrow path" it's STRAIT... not STRAIGHT!... and so it's not always just walk straight and super easy... but it is STRAIT... which is strict, which some people may see as restrictive... but really it means that as we follow that strict path, there is no way to fail... we have been given every step that we need to take!!

If we fail, it's not because God wanted us to... rather because we chose to!

I love you all so much!! Thanks for keeping me going!!

Love Sister Botts

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  1. Watching you keeps us reminded of how precious you really are.