Monday, October 19, 2015

'Home' For A Day

With Sis Tucker at Denver Colorado Temple
SO!  This week was just amazingly wonderful!!! I loved it!!
It flew by but I loved it!
I got to go to the temple for my half way mark on Thursday!!  Waaah!!  I missed the temple so much! It was pretty funny because no one could pronounce the family names I had!! Good ol' strong Afrikaans names! Made me giggle on the inside!  It was such an amazing day!!

The trip started on Wednesday! We headed up to Saguache and met the Salida sisters half way and switched companions... So I got to go with Sister Tucker, my MTC companion!
Back together to celebrate their halfway mark
We chatted a lot that night! And then Sister Olsen called... she trained Sister Tucker and she was my trainer's companion too! :)  So we were planning on just showing up at her house on our way to the mission office to meet with everyone else... She called and asked us if we wanted to have breakfast with them on the Friday on our way back home... so we said yes!  SWEET! We get to meet with her twice!!  So after some long chatting we got in to bed, on time mind you! And then didn't sleep... Neither Sister Tucker nor I could sleep that night!!  We were so tired by the time the alarm went off... yet slightly relieved because now we didn't have to lie awake in bed! Haha... so we got ready and headed off to Pueblo to surprise Sis Olsen!! It was pretty good! We got to talk a lot on the way there...
Off to surprise Sis. Olsen
Then we chatted for about 30 minutes with Sister Olsen and her companion Sister Jenkins!  It was cool!
Then off to the Mission Office. We switched drivers so I drove the rest of the way and then we get there.. and guess who is there at the mission office with a card!!!! SISTER AUKUSO!!!! Agh! I love her so much!! It was awesome to see her there!!
Happy to see Sis. Aukuso again!

Then we headed to Denver and had lunch there!  It was cool... and then straight to the Temple!! I love the temple!! It was like I got to go home for the day!! It was so amazing!
'Home' for a day

After the temple we headed back to the Mission Home and had dinner together and then had a fireside and testimony meeting.  It was good... although... I still hate talking in front of people... so yeah! Haha!! After that we all drove back to the Mission Office, picked up our car and headed back to the Mission Home for the night!  It was like our first day in the Mission! haha   Funny how it worked out that the time we have Jubilee, both Sister Tucker and I are in the Valley, and so end up staying there together again.
We said good night to President and Sister Rehm and headed to bed... after doing some studies... I just really wanted to do studies!

Then 6 am we were on the road again headed back to Pueblo for breakfast with Sis Olsen and Jenkins... breakfast was great!
Sis. Aukuso, Sis. Botts, Sis. Tucker and Sis. Olsen
So great! And then we had to head off to be back in time to drop Sister Tucker to her District meeting (which is usually ours too,) and then head off to Alamosa to teach their District meeting... Kinda cool that their District leader asked us to teach... it's fun going to different District meetings sometimes! We taught about being Happy Missionaries! And how we can do that!
I think she knows exactly how to be a Happy Missionary

So yeah... that's pretty much all I wanna talk about because the temple trumps anything else this week! hahaha
Pumpkin Temple 

Just know that I Love you all!! And the church is true!!

So... you know who much I love words... and puns and so on.. well... I was reading about Daniel the other day.... and so

Pray Or Be Prey.... I'm so clever hahaha #bottsdoctrine

Anyway! I love you!

Pray always!

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