Monday, October 12, 2015

Halfway!! No Way!!

So this week was pretty great!!  We had a sweet P-day playing sports! My love for soccer is ever growing!

Tuesday we went down to the area of some of our sisters and split up and went tracting with them to help them find some new people! I really enjoyed it!... Yeah... I really enjoyed knocking on the doors of strangers... how crazy is that!? Haha

Then we went and had lunch with Sister Olsen and her new companion, Sister Jenkins. It was pretty great to see her again! Can't believe that after just 6 weeks together I could miss a friend so much!
Great friends - Sis Olsen
Lunch was great! Then we headed up to the Springs to spend the night there before our meeting in the morning.  We had dinner with a member from Sister Decker's old ward.
Wednesday we had our meeting, discussed the things that the mission needed. It was a good meeting I think.  After that.... we got to go have dinner with two of my favourite people from the area that I trained in!! And the one sister's NEW BABY!!!!   Aaaagh!! It was the best thing ever. I just sobbed like a little baby at the Miracle that he was... even after we eventually left to start the drive back home... I just sobbed with happiness for them! It was so great!

Thursday was planning day! So we got to plan next week and also prepare the lesson for Zone Training with the zone leaders... Us sisters got the job of teaching about obedience... great... because they don't hear that from me enough already! Hahaha    but yeah... so Friday we had Zone Training..  it was good. I think the lesson went really well.  I learned a lot if no one else did!
We came to the conclusion that disobedience was easy... So I said to them "are missionaries weak?" Everyone was a little silent... didn't know what to say... so in a slightly more stern voice (you know me) I said "Are we weak? We leave our families, we talk to strangers about Jesus Christ. we get yelled at and sometimes people are really mean. We do this every day... ARE MISSIONARIES WEAK?"  Someone then answered with "no" while others shook their heads... and then I just said, "then why do we pick the easy way?"

So as a close we decided that as a zone we would be strong and obedient and not weak!...
It was good. I enjoyed doing it. I had no intention of asking that question... but it was good. I needed to hear that.

Then we had lunch at this Mexican place with a bunch of us. It was a nice lunch.

Saturday.. ooooh Saturday!

I'mma skip most of the day and get to the good bits... Saturday evening we have dinner with this member.  Her boyfriend is in corrections but he has a pass to be out for 6 hours, so we we're all having dinner together with her niece, daughter, dad and grandma also.... so while our member was inside getting something... BOOM! Out of his pocket her BF pops out a ring... shows us and asks for help on how to do it!! He was so nervous it was cute!  So as the evening went on, whenever she would go inside we would chat a little about it.  He didn't want to take her to the side because he wanted us to be there, he said he knew that we were a big part of her life now. (Deffo earning brownie points with me now! haha) And so we decided we would call everyone together for a message on "eternal families", so as we did that he got down on one knee and told her that he wanted to be with her for ETERNITY... she said yes! :)
 It was so beautiful... for a moment I had a working heart! Haha

And then we went inside and for real shared a message. The message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. The Spirit was definitely there. And that's how we got this week's newest investigator! :)

Also... we have a pet Squirrel. Timothy II, since the first Timothy was the one Sis Grow Smooshed... lol. I feed him nuts every day. One day I will hug him and not get rabies.  One day. Maybe.
Timothy II

Life is good!

This week I go to the Denver Temple for my Halfway mark!!!   Crazy!!  Nine months from Tuesday I will be getting on a plane to go home... I love you all... but I really don't want to leave!! Nooooo....  sad days!
Denver Temple

Anyway... this church is true. The gospel is hard to live some times... but... Are children of God weak?....

I love you all!!!

<3 Sister Botts.

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