Monday, October 5, 2015

Lots of Faith and a Little Luck

Well... this week's one is going to be short and sweet... sorry about that!!

But this week was good! We found 2 new people to teach and taught them in their trailer.... (another one! :)) and we had a really great lesson with them. The mother had grown up coming to church as a child with members many, many years ago. It was cool because the 2 people that we happened to bring to our lesson, she remembered. One was the father of one of the girls at church that she became friends with, and the other was the father of someone who cheered in school with her youngest son ( he was the base, so he held them up during stunts etc.) Pretty cool how that worked out!!

So we had a great lesson with them and then set up another appointment!
Sis Botts and Sis Decker

Our investigator who has a baptismal date is not doing too well.. When we went to see him yesterday he was waiting on transport to the hospital.  He is rather ill and old.   My heart is a little bit broken that he might not still be here by Oct 24th. He is a sweet man! Always says goodbye to me in Irish when we leave his house.  Maybe he will have the Luck of the Irish and make it out!

 So crazy! So the tradition when we reach 9 months is to take preggo pics... everyone always takes such glamorous ones... not me... hahaha!!!
Unglamorous 9 month mark

I have to tell you about FAITH CHILI'S

So the elders call the 'Chili's' here "faith Chili's" because they say they have faith that someone will pay for their meal when they go... and then someone does... there are always members there.. either eating or working.

So Tuesday... a member couldn't feed us because our schedules clashed... so they gave us money.. We decided to go to Chili's later that evening.  I said "mm wouldn't it be great if someone bought our food, and then we could use this money for another night when we don't have a dinner"  Well.. as soon as we sit down... a sister from our ward, who works there, says to us that she would cover our meal... flip!!!  FAITH Chili's...   it's a thing!!!... Although, I would never go in there without money just in case... I don't have that much misplaced faith! Hahaha
Deep Fried Pickles from 'Faith Chili's'

But yes!  It was cool!

Well... wasn't conference just amazing!?  Elder Oaks stole my Scripture... he said it so much better than I did in my last email!!
I really loved conference and the example our amazing prophet set of carrying on. He seemed so tired and worn out, and yet he carried on to the end of his talk... he is such a wonderful example to me.
Pres. Thomas S. Monson

Well... like I said... this would be short.

I love you all

I know the church is true. Serving a mission is the best thing I've ever done...  Half way through makes me kinda sad...  I don't want it to end!
Jubilee Letter for half-way mark trip to Denver Temple

Make good Choices!!

Love you!


  1. Hello Precious Sister Botts. We are SO proud or you (in a righteous way). I look forward to reading your blogs as much as I used to look forward to reading Matthew's emails when he was on mission. It is great to watch your mission develop you into the special angel that Heavenly Father knows you can be. Love ya.

  2. Hey girlie, delighted to see you doing so well and lookink so happy. Onwards ever onwards xxxx Sally