Monday, June 8, 2015

Inclined to Succeed

So... this week was interesting!!
I dyed my hair again... surprise!!  Haha  but I just wasn't me with light hair.  So black is back!
Not herself with light hair

We killed a squirrel on the way to church yesterday... ... It was so darn sad!! We named the dead squirrel Timothy. Morbid right?!
Not 'Timothy'- this little guy visits their back garden

One of the Elders lit my companions hair on fire... so me, being my patient self, hit him. You know.
Now we's good haha.

We were tracting and went up to a house with an Irish "failte" sign on the door. She was about to close the door when I mentioned that I was just excited about her ‘Welcome’ sign... boom!!! Opens the screen door and has a 10 min conversation with us and we read some scriptures from the Book of Mormon. Pretty awesome!

We did the Incline this morning. Look it up so you can feel sorry for me. I think my lungs exploded in the altitude.
At the top of the Incline

Also... Blisters everywhere! I'm sure it was invented by Satan himself!! Seriously!!
The ' Incline'

There was a cute little chipmunk that ran alongside us for a good bit of the Incline. He made it look a lot easier than it really is!! But it was cute... and he looked nothing like the annoying things on TV!
Wildlife along the trail

Chipmunk hiking companion

The weather has been amazing! Hot, hot, hot all day and then a thunder storm late in the afternoon! I Love it!
Stormy afternoons

We taught 19 lessons this week, so that was good!

I miss my drums!.... just thought I'd put that in there.
Her drums - she plays really well :)

I'm teaching my companion to speak Afrikaans. It's going ok. She tells me she's hungry.. a lot. And that she's gonna bliksem me.  We'll work on more vocab! Haha

We made our own dinner on Friday night! It was amazing! I miss cooking for myself! We ate it outside in the sun! Great!!
Made dinner for themselves for a change

We have 3 investigators with a baptismal date. One is on Saturday! Woot Woot!

The work is going well!

I'm so happy here! I just love everything... It's quite obnoxious actually.  I'd slap myself if I saw me 2 years ago.

Friday night there was an awesome storm and the road we usually take to go home goes through a dried up river... which is not so dry when it's stormy... so we had to turn around and take the long way.... but we took pictures first! Hahaha

The 'dried up' river

So this has been my week! It's been great! It's been fun, and filled with teaching! I've loved it!! 
On to a new one. 

3 weeks until transfers. How did that happen so fast??!?!

Anyhoo... keep on going!

Life sucks sometimes, like the Incline... and we're rather disinclined to go through it.  But the view is pretty great when you get to the top...not that I've made it to the top of life yet.... hahaha
The view from the top

The Church is true!
I love you!

Sister Botts! 

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